18th April 2020. My call with Gary Tomlinson ..

Listen to the call below. This was a call I had at 8pm on Saturday 18th April after Tomlinson ignored me for an entire week while having the time to bad mouth me and the 30 pigeon syndicate I was trying to sell as pat of my agreement with him. All members of the family got involved as you will hear. The man lied many times on the call. Remember Tomlinson has generated over £250,000 from the entires into this race this year and stands to make over £120,000 profit this year.

and my car was set on fire 70 minutes later..

The video I made right after the car was fire bombed.

After putting the phone down and not getting the issue resolved I got on with my evening. 70 minutes later my car alarm went off and my 16 year old son and girlfriend saw our car being set on fire. Three men came and torched it. Writing off the car. 

My 16 year old son and girlfriend were traumatised for months after, my son left the house and his pigeons for three weeks after.

CCTV footage of the three cowards...

The car after it has been torched. and the petrol can they used.

Tommos Theory...

Interestingly, the Tomlinson family have their own theory on what happened to my car just 70 minutes after the phone call with them. Their theory which they have publicly said is that I set my own car on fire……. Yeah that makes sense right?!

The police were pretty useless and no one has ever been found for the incident.

So I’ll let you make your own mind up about Gary “Tommo” Tomlinson. Needless to say I regret the day Gary Tomlinson called me and asked for me to help him and his race. 

Remember, you can only be bullied if you allow yourself to be bullied and that will never happen. 

My opinions on the Tomlinson Family:

His Response (Which he removed 14 hours later):

Truth is powerful, and it prevails.

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