Gary Tomlinson, Who Dares I Win International? One Loft Race Finale

Watch the video below: Read the entire chat history between JJ Shoeman and I on WhatsApp here Watch the full video of Tomlinson here on Facebook. If it gets removed you can watch it here   Read the entire book I wrote about my life up until 2013 here (for free)   Here’s a line: —————————————————————————————— And its drawn.  My … Read more

Tomlinson Finally Admits He Was Lying About Having A Licensed Quarantine Station. The Victim Card Gets Played Again.

Watch this.. So Tomlinson finally admits once again that he lied to everyone about having an official DEFRA approved quarantine station. it only took 5 months… He said it was knocked back wasn’t “suitable for quarantine” because it was made of wood. So the 100+ year old brick barn had nothing to do with … Read more

Review of the Questions to ask Tomlinson and any answers “Tommo” may have answered about the 2024 Who Dares I Win Race.

Further to the questions I urged people contemplating enter Tomlinsons Who Dares I Win race in 2024 to ask a few weeks ago. I thought it of value to people who don’t keep up to date with the master of bullshits posts to review what he has said and hasn’t said about the questions.  Let’s review what people … Read more

Does Tomlinson Really Think People Are That Stupid? More Questions Competitors Need To Ask About The “Postponed Final”

Around 1pm on the 15th September Tomlinson did this brief video explaining why the final of the race was postponed and will not be happened this weekend. Watch the video here: I’m sure all the competitors in the race who are lucky enough to have pigeons in the final race have many questions, let … Read more

Questions to ask Tomlinson aka “Tommo” aka the most open, honest and transparent man in One Loft Racing?

We all know Tomlinson is the self proclaimed most open, honest and transparent man in One Loft Racing, so with that in mind and after some recent announcements from “The Master”  I’m sure this years competitors and any prospective ones in next years race will be asking some questions.. This is a video clip of … Read more