Court Update 21st June 2023

I attended Derby court today. Tomlinson and one of his mates was there for moral support. (Don’t know who the friend was though.)

Two of the three cases were considered by the judge today. 

1. The contract for work. Unfortunately due to me stopping my counter claim in the high court against him the judge didn’t allow this case to go ahead again. A technicality that Tomlinson has used to get away with a judge actually deciding if he never paid me or not. Needless to say, as commented by the judge I did no know when I stopped my counter claim after he dropped his high court case that I would not be able to go back to the small claims court. He and his solicitor did everything to stop the case going tot he small claims court (we know why as they knew they were on a losing gamble.) Tomlinson  in his typical way insisted even to the judge today that he has paid me for work in trying to give me 30 pigeons… That wasn’t the deal it was 30 entries. Anyway, that claim is dead in the water due to not being able to do a new claim. The funny thing is though he has achieved nothing, he just lost in more ways than he can imagine. 

2. The non payment of DVDs. This was a different case and different matter. The judge deemed this could go ahead as it was against Tomlinson direct. He has 30 days to lodge his defence. Then we go ahead. 

3. The claim for £800 for the 7 pigeons he never gave me. That is still pending in the court process. 

So in short 2 out of 3 claims still going ahead, and Tomlinson got away without paying me a penny for all the work. However, I’m sure when he goes to bed tonight he will still secretly wise he had of just paid me three years ago, after all , look at what me exposing him for the man he really is has cost him. Hundreds of people know what he is REALLY like now and he has been badly hurt by me exposing him for the con man crook and all round wannabe bully he is. 

He even mentioned this AskTommo site to the judge lol. Said it was full of lies, nothing to do with the case and he hates he has tried to report me to the police for it and tried and failed to go to court about it. This is the reason this site will stay up. The more people who know about this man and his terrible family the better. 

As I said to Gabi when coming out the court today, I’m looking forward to the day i never have to think about the man or his pathetic family ever again. That day can’t come quick enough for me. In the meantime lets see what bullshit defence he comes up for not paying me a penny from the 400 DVDs he sold. He has 30 days. tik tok.. I will keep you all posted. 

In the meantime he has decided to try and recoup some of his lost profits this year from the bad publicity he has got and being 79 teams down on last year and decided to launch a winter version of the race.. lol. Keep trying to grab the money Gary and junior. Paying out 39% to the winners if he gets 600 entries. Asking people to breed pigeons that will be competing against  older birds that have complete the entire summer race.. Hardly seems like a fair deal. But why would we be surprised? Nothing is ever fair with this man and his family.. 

Remember Garys moto…. Who Dares? I win.. 

Until next time. 

EDIT: 25th June 2023 – In the original post I said I thought Tomlinsons friend Johnny Langham was present with him at court. According to a very strongly worded comment from Mr Langham he was not present. In the interests of fairness I have now removed his name. If it were not Mr Langham I apologise. Although if it were not him I would be very interested to know who it was that attended court with Tomlinson.

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