Gary Tomlinson LYING AGAIN! He has NO certified Quarantine Station for the Who Dares Wins Race.

After being investigated by local authorities in 2022 and telling people live that because he had already started the process of applying to be a QUARANTINE STATION the authorities were ok with him bring Irish pigeons into his race that year… Something didn’t sound right…but then on the 6th December 2022,  Gary Tomlinson proclaimed LIVE ON FACEBOOK that the Who Dares Wins race was THE ONLY ONE LOFT RACE in the UK to be able to LEGALLY bring pigeons into the UK. Even better, you all entrants from outside the UK WON’T HAVE TO PAY A PENNY FOR YOUR QUARANTINE as it’s all included in the services offered by Who Dares Wins. How amazing! 

See the video below. Furthermore, he threatened other OLRs in the country that HE WILL BE WATCHING AND REPORTING. BEWARE ALL YOU ILLEGAL FOLKS! The most honest OLR in the country is watching you!

In the video above he went on to threaten all other One Loft Races that he would be watching them and would grass any of them he saw bringing non UK pigeons in.. He then went on to retract that statement and offered other races the use of his official quarantine station. However, many people saw this threats and the real side of Gary Tomlinson so his empty offer to other races was wasted really. 

Then on the 8th April 2023 he showed the Irish pigeons that had “completed quarantine” in the main loft. However in between this time there was a video emerge that I was told about where he showed Irish fanciers the Irish pigeons that had arrived the day before and these pigeons were in the main WDIW loft. Knowing how Tomlinson likes to shout from the roof tops about how on top of his game he is I suspected something wasn’t right. Watch this video below. 

Robert Tomlinson, the new owner and director of Who Dares I Win Race and his father Tomlinson brought in many non UK pigeons again this year:

  • POLAND – 4 pigeons
  • NETHERLANDS – 4 pigeons
  • BELGIUM – 20 (12 VENTURES) pigeons
  • DENMARK – 20 pigeons
  • GERMANY – 26 pigeons
  • IRELAND – 307 pigeons

All of which can be verified publicly at:

So in total 381 of the 1807 pigeons were non UK pigeons. (About 20%) And even more baffling 12 of the 79 venture pigeons in this years race are Belgium rung pigeons. Even more baffling is that Tomlinson said there would be no venture pigeons this year. And despite being asked publicly who bred the venture pigeons no response has come yet. Fair enough though he needed to boost the numbers with venture pigeons this year after not being able to fill the loft. I digress .

Oh, what did you say? There was 1,805 pigeons registered but only 1,705 recorded? Oh, they disappeared. Those pesky raptors around the loft. The hungriest in the land. Let’s move on, clock is ticking

We all know google is your friend, Tomlinson has said it himself. This is how famously found out that I was a con man and I defrauded people of millions through my bitcoin scam (which his supporters have also been bombarded with). 

So there you go, I asked Goole (to be fair, I heard of this Chat GPT thing and I tried him but he hadn’t heard of Tomlinson, so I went back to my trusted Google). I digress, so, I said to Google: show me the licensed quarantine stations in the UK. And it gave me a list. Ummmmm I look up. I look down. No WDW? or Gary Tomlinson? Try again….Perhaps Google doesn’t like the Tomlinsons, fair enough. So then, as I don’t trust these Americans at Google, I emailed APHA myself…Guess what???? 

NOOOOO WAYYYYY!! Google was right after all?? NO QUARANTINE FACILITY AT WDW?? Gary Tomlinson LIED??? NOOOOO! never!! he’s the most honest and transparent man in the pigeon sport….Surely not..

Say what???? Gary Tomlinson and Who Dares Wins race had NO quarantine station license? The most honest and transparent OLR in the UK lied AGAIN? DEFRAUDED honest people? Tricking them into believing that HE WAS THE ONLY OLR in the UK with APPROVED QUARANTINE FACILITIES??? Racking at least £64,000 in entry fees illegally?? NEVER!

How about the other OLRs in the UK who must have watched WDW in wonder (and jealousy) that they couldn’t equal this feat?? 

I wonder where in the Terms & Conditions it states how this would be addressed if competitors challenge WDW? Do you think they would get their money back?? 

Do you reckon that APHA and DEFRA are aware of this? Answers on a post card. First class only. 

How many more lies, rules and laws will the con man and his family break? I’m not sure but this is one of the biggest lies the man has ever said and I feel sorry for all this years competitors. 

It will be interesting to see how Tomlinson tries to spin this one. Not even he the master of lies, bullshit and spin can avoid admitting his lies on this one.

As he did on Wednesday in court in front the a judge I’m sure he will be struggling to keep calm when reading this. But this is what happens when you try to bully someone into backing down and shutting up, its also what happens when you are a compulsive liar as he is. 

As someone said to me only yesterday, Tomlinson has made many enemies over the last three years, unfortunately for him, he may have just made an enemy of multiple government agencies.

But remember Tommos moto folks… “Only tell em what they need to know“… Sadly, that moto doesn’t work very well for Tomlinson sometimes.. And this could go very wrong very quick for Tomlinson and his family. 

I hope you got your popcorn at the ready folks…


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