Is Bob Bendy (aka Annette Tomlinson) stalking me?

Bob Bendy, aka Annette Tomlinson, loves to try and stalk me online. In her latest attempt, she sneakily tried to join my new Roller Pigeon FB group.

Why would she do this? Is she trying desperately to find something she can give to her husband Gary and her loving son Rob in preparation for their forthcoming court appearance on the 21st of June to finally get the dynamic duo in court to address the money they have owed me for over three years now?

We all know she is the real “boss” and brains (lol) of the WDW operation. We all know she holds the purse strings and owns much of what they have up there. With this in mind, she’s probably worried about what they are going to have to eventually pay me.

I’m amazed Facebook still allows her to operate under her fake profile account, but hey ho, let her do what she wants.

In the meantime, she’s blocked from the group she slipped into joining for 5 hours. Will she give up? Of course not, she loves to think she has the upper hand. Sadly for her, she will hopefully realise her decision to back out of paying me (which her husband Gary agreed to do) three years ago will actually cost the ‘family’ more money than she had just paid me in the first place.

Delusion or stupidity? Im not sure, but her decision that day back in April 2020 to not pay me has cost Who Dares Wins OLR and the Tomlinson ‘family’ dearly. Not only in the money I’m hoping the court will award me (I have so much proof they owe me and Tomlinson is really struggling with any defense, hence why he moved all his assets into her name and Junior idiots name) but she must be either delusional or stupid to not go to bed at night thinking” “Why didn’t I just pay him what we owed him?” after all, their actions against me, other OLRs, the Sullivan Brothers and many more, plus the creation of this site to show the wider audience outside of their band of followers what the ‘family’ are really like has cost them far more than money, their reputation is in tatters, their entries are down by over 25% this year

That’s even before they put a pigeon in a basket, which we all know by now will end up in disaster by hotspot 1 race. It’s the birds of prey you know, They are to blame for losing over 800 pigeons from one training toss. lol.. Who do they think they are kidding?

And now, to make the odds even more stacked against the poor entrants of the race, junior idiot is in charge… Wow… The odds don’t look good.


Not only is Bob Bendy trying to stalk me, but the Tomlinson “family” mate, supporter and all-round general troll of the pigeon world James SImper is also now trying to stalk me.. These people… They make you laugh… Idiots flok together…

He got three days of Tomlinson spy activity in. Good for him…

Blocked now though… Poor Timmy / James, Simps, Simples.. whatever his name is…

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