Is Gary Tomlinson a complusive liar?

We all know “Tommos” philosophy is “Only tell em what they need to know” by now but the man seems just to keep spouting lies in his efforts to fill his race this year.

In a recent post, he stated 2023’s prize money has always been guaranteed.. This is a total lie.

Since promoting his 2023 race in October 2022 the word “guaranteed” was noticeably missing from his promotion material. All that was ever stated was he was paying £125,000 with no mention of the word guaranteed.

It’s only since he knows he has enough entries to cover the prize money that he has started boasting about and using the word guaranteed. FACT.

Does he actually think people are that stupid not to notice such things?

He has 10 more days until the race closes, but the most open, honest and transparent man in the UK pigeon sport has not actually stated how many spaces are left in the race. Why not? Surely people deserve to know how many spaces are left?

I’ve heard he is puzzled and disappointed as to why his race isn’t full.. Maybe he now realised his actions are catching up with him?

Gary has pissed off so many people in the sport he doesn’t realise or fails to recognise how much his actions over the last three years have affected his reputation. Many of the people who know what he is really like have found out because of this site.

I wonder if Gary ever regrets his actions towards me and others. Maybe privately, but he will never acknowledge it. And all this because the man and his bullying ego refused to pay me for the work I did… Sad really isn’t it…

Years of hassle, money taking other races to court, taking me to court, then dropping both cases, lying about taking the other OLR to court and now his loft isn’t full and he and junior have another three legal cases still to deal with addressing the money he owes me.

I wish him and the junior good luck. He’s going to need it this year for many reasons.

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