Is Gary Tomlinson the Pigeon Sports Donald Trump!?!

Think about it… There are major similarities. 

They both lie without even thinking about it. 

They lie and end up believing their own bullshit. 

They try to bully and intimidate people and then play the victim when they get stood up to.

If they get caught red handed lying they just don’t comment on anything. (Still no reaction to Tommo’s total lies about having a quarantine station.)

They both have a legion of fans who no matter what they do or say will always back them even if they are proven to be liars.

And now, just at the same time as Donald Trump is going to be lying to US courts it seems Tommo is playing the Trump card and planning to do the same. 

I think they must be distant relatives. They have to be?

So yeah, love him or hate him. Tommo IS the pigeon sports Donald Trump.

Make the pigeon sport great again…… 😉

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