More lies, B.S and attempted spin from Tomlinson. Who Dares Wins One Loft Race.

In an attempt to try and spin, lie and rubbish his actions and words over the last two years Gary Tomlinson dedicated 40 minutes of his “show” to me last night. This is the 40 minutes clip where he talked about me and this site:

Here are my corrections, observations and points about the content of this ridiculous video: 

1. 0:30 He talks about upset in his house at the weekend. Remember he is the one who took me and the British Masters to court. 

2. 2:38 – I haven’t reared my head again, i’ve always been here, I’m just telling everyone that after months of saying the mess will be all sorted in a few weeks, it still isnt and he still hasnt resolved the issues. He talks about not sitting back about lies being said. and goes one to say he will prove with evidence and what I liar I am. Read later for the evidence he says he has that he paid me. It’s laughable. 

3. 3:50 – Everyone is fed up of it, he is fed up of it. Well you shouldn’t have took me and the British Masters to court then should you. This is his doing by removing my entires from the race and refusing to pay me what was owed. Once again he is playing the victim role, when he is the instigator of all this. For every action there is a equal or opposite reaction. This is the reaction he didn’t want. The bully didn’t win. 

4. 4:30 – There are no lies on this site. It is based on facts, evidence and my objective opinion about the man and his family. He says he’s hasn’t seen any evidence on the website. The website is full of evidence. 

5. 05:00-07:10 –  He talks about mining communities and respecting your elders. Apart from that I haven’t a clue what point he is trying to make. 

6. 07:15 – 13:50 – Anthony Coburn was not a “paid plant” he contacted me after seeing my problems with Tomlinson and proceeded to say what he said on Facebook. Tomlinson denied ever knowing or meeting him. 

7. 14:00 – 15:25 – I don’t believe him when he says he didn’t know the bids for pigeons on his auction site. Its evident he won pigeons by £5-£10. Yes he is correct that I and my son won 7 pigeons on the 2020 auction and yes I had access to the auction system. But no pigeons were over bid on and again Tomlinson sniped bids. 

8. 15:26 – I am totally obsessed with people knowing what Gary Tomlinson and his family are really like. 

9. 15:29-16:58 – He did take the British masters race to court and he did get £8,500 from them. There was NO high court decision which he “won” it was an out of court settlement with no indication or guilt or innocence. so when he talks about winning, he just bullied them enough through the courts for them to back down and stop the stress caused by the man. And remember he took an injunction out to stop me releasing information about him doing this. Very open, honest and transparent. Remember he never paid for the advertising material, so he doesnt own the right to the BMI materials. The courts will decide this to come. 

10. 16:58-17:19 – I doubt the Sullivans would call Gary Tomlinson a good friend of theirs. and he vows them to say otherwise. Gary Tomlinson was spread false rumours about them and their race from the previous year even before my involvement. 

11. 17:20-18:30 The court case started on the 23rd December. 4 months of stress and hassle to the Sullivans and British Masters. Tomlinson was directly responsible for the BMI race not running. He and his followers continued to spread negative and vicious rumours about them, including Stephen O’brien, Gary Tomlinsons new best friend who is as vile as Tomlinson. The race entires he mentions were harmed due to Tomlinsons direct actions. 

12. 18:30 – 25:55 Harassment. He was only awarded a 73 hours injunction to stop me publishing the fact about him taking BMI to court. It was not an injunction stopping being published.

He says the barrister didn’t give him a direct answer about what copyright they were going after. that is correct a top copyright lawyer. 

Tomlinsons refused mediation. 

The judge he says gave me a lifeline. Ridiculous. Tomlinson offered to drop all cases and me assign copyright to him. Why would I do that? The man never paid me a penny. 

It is stressing my family, but Im not letting him get away with using my work which he never paid for. 

Tomlinson makes it sound like me taking him to court is a new action. It’s not its a counter claim that went in within a few days of his initial claims against me. 

The rest of this segment is just rubbish spouting. 

13. 25:56 – 27:20 Lies about Bitcoin. I never told him to give me £20,000. I told him he should buy Bitcoin for £6,000 each. that was all. Bitcoin reached £35,000 each and still is worth £13,00. 

He also goes on to say that he had been paying me hundreds of pounds. the man never paid me anything. The only payment he ever gave me was for the DVDs to be produced. So more lies. 

He goes onto say this is not his way of dealing with it, he likes to deal with things as grown me. Right. A man who goes to the police twice, who refused to give my son pigeons he is owed, who reports me to the RPRA and who then goes to court and gets injunctions against the truth. 

27:20 – Payment… This is laughable the contract clearly states 30 entries into his race. He shows the ‘proof’ that the birds were entered into the race as payment then a few minutes later admits he took the birds out of the race. 

I could go on with more observations on this rubbish from Tomlinson, but quite frankly im bored of listening to him and countering the continued lies. 

On a final note it’s interesting how he picks specific things on to highlight but chooses to ignore others. Namely: His son saying he can get a car fired for £50. How Irish pigeons were entered into 2022 race without seemingly going through quarantine? There is a lot more as you will read on this site. But once again I can’t be bothered to highlight all the things he didn’t mention.

I am preparing my counter claim and claiming for money owed to me for the work done and money for the DVDs he hasn’t aid me for. 

I’m looking forward to getting to court and when I do I am sure with all the real evidence I have that they will see he could have never owned the work as he never paid me for it. I will update this site when I know more. 

Many people have private messaged me over the last few days applauding me for sticking up to this man. Although Tomlinsons has backed down on his legal claims I never will back down to this man and I look forward to the day the courts give me a judgement for monies owed, if this happens I am sure Tomlinsons being the totally above board man he is will pay me what the court says I am owed if it happens and then finally I will reach a point of not having to think about this man and his family ever again. 

In the mean time, thanks for reading, 

Mark Lyford

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