More lies, B.S and attempted spin from Tomlinson. Who Dares Wins One Loft Race.

In an attempt to try and spin, lie and rubbish his actions and words over the last two years Gary Tomlinson dedicated 40 minutes of his “show” to me last night. This is the 40 minutes clip where he talked about me and this site: Here are my corrections, observations and points about the … Read more

Gary Tomlinson & Who Dares Wins One Loft Races Most Profitable Year Ever? Gary Tomlinson and Who Dares Wins One Loft Race has had their biggest ever entry:  1877 total entires 33 free entries 1844 paid entries.  Total Income £307,000 Prize Money to be paid out £110,000 35% of entry money paid out….. Gross income before expenses and taxes = £197,000 not bad money ehh.  But how … Read more

Tomlinson Drops Harassment Case.

After multiple calls with Tomlinsons solicitors over the last two weeks Tomlinson has dropped the harassment case against me for this Website. Here is some background to this.  After multiple without prejudice phone calls with Tomlinsons solicitors trying to resolve issues between us since him getting a high court injunction against me for publishing … Read more

High Court Injunction Hearing 11th April 2022

I attended a high court injunction hearing remotely yesterday. In attendance was Mr Justice Saini, Chloe Strong the barrister for Mr Tomlinson and myself.  The hearing lasted approximately 45 minutes and the three documents that I was ordered to not publish as per the hearing that happened without my presence on Friday last week plus … Read more

The Injunction documents and my thoughts on them

I’ve been through all the documents served to me yesterday. Here are my thoughts on them.  Here are all the documents:  Draft Order Claim Form Application Notice Witness Statement of Gary Tomlinson Exhibit GT1 Confidential Exhibit Confidential Schedule Shortly after doing this video I was sent this injunction hearing notice by Tomlinsons solicitors: READ THE … Read more

Gary Tomlinson wants an injunction against and £50,000 in damages.

Watch the video above. But from the limited amount of pages I have read at the moment (There is hundreds of pages!) Gary Tomlinsons from Who Dares Wins Race wants an injunction via the high court in London to get removed.  And he is claiming £50,000 in damages for harassment and pain and suffering to him … Read more

I’ve just been hand served more legal papers from Gary Tomlinsons solicitors!

Ive just been hand served many hundreds of papers from Gary Tomlinsons solicitors After going through it briefly Tomlinson is coming after me for this site He is seeking an injunction for the site to be removed (and my Ask Tommo Youtube video and ) He is also claiming £50,000 for harassment and damages.  Thats … Read more

Johnny Langham, Gary Tomlinsons follower and spreader of vile, horrible and disgusting rumours messaged me at 1:40AM on Facebook. He then removed the message and blocked me again. I am taking this very seriously.

At 1:40AM over the weekend I got a message from Johnny Langham. A very worrying and stressful message:  Some people may question why I would even publish such a horrible and vile message with hints of accusations like this. Well, like I have said before. I have nothing to hide.  Johnny Langham is a self … Read more