RPRA Hearing Update

2nd January 2021. Today ‘should’ have been the day of the hearing against G&A Tomlinson, however a few days ago I was informed that the meeting has once again been cancelled due to the covid situation.  To say I was disappointed was an understatement, after all I have been waiting to get this RPRA hearing … Read more

Harassment?!? Tommo seems to think so. I’ve been reported to the police

26th November 2020. I had a phone call from Leicestershire police asking me to attend an interview under caution in connection with accusations of harassment by Gary Tomlinson. No, this is not a joke. The “hard man” bully Tomlinson is now showing his true colours once again. It appears even bullies like him will try … Read more

RPRA Hearing Update

December 2020 Update – I’m pleased to hear that the RPRA hearing is now scheduled for 2nd January 2021. If for any reason the hearing can’t go ahead due to Covid regulations and I am told it will happen via zoom instead. I will update when I hear more.  11:34AM 21st October 2020 – I … Read more

Gary Tomlinson. Who Dares Wins International One Loft Race. The Pioneer? (follower, sheep, or bully)

Gary Tomlinson / Who Dares Wins International One Loft Race. The Pioneer? (or just a follower, sheep, bully.) https://youtu.be/Usop16JHY7g Yes, thats Pioneer, PIONEER Racing Pigeons 🙂 Not happy with following my forward thinking and deciding to do his own live “show” on a Monday night at exactly the same time as I used to do. … Read more

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Gary Tomlinson / Who Dares Wins Race Auction 2020 The most transparent one loft race and online auction in the world!?

20th October 2020 – Tommo and his family pride themselves on “honesty, integrity and transparency” so with this in mind I’m sure they will be only too keen to clarify things. The auction seems to have been a success with 192 pigeons fetching over £46,000 and averaging £245 each and Tommo himself says some of … Read more

September Update

Gary Tomlinson continues to try to bully and intimidate me and my family. Despite making over £100,000 from this years 2020 Who Dares Wins race, as a result of doubling his entries which I helped to do (he got 720 entries in 2019) he had yet to still pay me a single penny for any … Read more