Prelimary Court Hearing Update 2nd October 2023

Today at 12:30PM saw the virtual prelimary court hearing for the 7 pigeons Tomlinson never handed over and the claim for £880 plus interest he owes. 

As usual he spouted a load of lies and B.S. 

He resorted to trying to tell the judge that I had signed a document with the RPRA saying I would not take the matter further. I genuinely think the man has not got a clue. 

He talked about the high court (which he failed to mention he took me to). He mentioned the injunction he got against me for publishing his lies about the British Masters, (but forgot to mention the injunction was only for 72 hours.) 

He said the police going to arrest Rob was a ‘setup.’

He said his wife had a nervous breakdown. Blaming me for it. (Wow. without her involvement this would have been settled a long time ago.)

He called me a professional con man and bully… Ohh the irony. 

And remember, this is all in front of a job who’s only job was to see if there was any way of settling things before it went to trial. I’m sure the judge wondered what the hell he was talking about much of the time. 

He told the judge to check out my background! lol

And insisted to the judge he owes me nothing. 

It seems he is also very mistaken about the rules of court hearings. He tried to tell the judge I committed an offence by publishing his court replies and posted about what happened at court, just like Im doing now. For clarity, it is against the law to record or publish the court hearing, that is all. There is nothing stopping me putting in my own words what happened (as news reporters do all the time) and as I will continue to do on here to show just what a low life, wanna be bullying, liar this man and his family really are like. 

So, the bottom line, he refuses to try and settle anything and the case for the 7 pigeons / £880 will go ahead in a two hour trial at some point in the future. 

In the meantime the revised date for the other court case trial is 12th October 2023 at Derby court. Which I look forward to very much. 

I will keep you posted on this website about any latest developments. 


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