RPRA Hearing Update

December 2020 Update – I’m pleased to hear that the RPRA hearing is now scheduled for 2nd January 2021. If for any reason the hearing can’t go ahead due to Covid regulations and I am told it will happen via zoom instead. I will update when I hear more. 

11:34AM 21st October 2020 – I have just been told the planned RPRA hearing for 3 days time is cancelled due to covid tier 3 restrictions being placed on South Yorkshire. Another delay, after this has been going on for month. When will I ever get this man in front of the RPRA for his actions? I’m not sure, but I know it will happen one day!

RPRA HEARING UPDATE: I have now had the confirmation that the RPRA hearing will be on 24th October at 1pm in Chesterfield. The room is limited to 20 people I will be there with my son Zandie as a witness.