Sorry you can’t ask Tommo… Sorry to say that is no longer active for the reason it was created but I’m glad you have ignored “Tommo” who has told some people not to bother coming here as it’s “Bulls***t” (He probably just wants to minimise the amount of people seeing the real “Tommo” and his family. 

Unfortunately  Gary “Tommo” Tomlinson thinks its ok for me to work hundreds of hours for him and not get paid for it. He also thinks its ok for me to not receive the 50% of the DVD / Online videos we produced together as we both agreed. 

He “told” me that I no longer own the DVDs (which I half paid for) and I own the online version of the video. As a result of his bully boy tactics I decided I would give away the online version of the video, you can view it here. – Mark Lyford

Seeing as you are already here... Read and watch some more about "Tommo" and his family and what he and they are really like.

Legal Threats About This Site

25th March 2022 

I got this letter on the 19th January 2022 from Gary Tomlinsons solicitor threatening legal action about this site

Watch the video below to see the full story and my thoughts on it. 

I offered Gary Tomlinson a proposal to end things. He declined. Again.

24th March 2022 – After Gary Tomlinsons settled his legal dispute with the British Masters One Loft Race earlier this week I thought I would try again to resolve issues between him and I. (This is my third attempt and I swore I wouldn’t try again, but I’m a persistent man who always tries to do the right thing so I thought I would try one last time. This time via his solicitor Aaron Wood, who always seems to be able to answer emails even in the evenings for his client Mr Tomlinson.

So I sent Mr Woods a heads up I was planning to send24th  a proposal. 

Then he sent me another email prior to my proposal. 

“In order to be able to review this proposal I need to know at least some idea of the level of money you are seeking.”

A weird response I thought but I prepared the proposal anyway. 

This is the proposal I sent below: 

I felt it was a fair proposal given the circumstance. But I had a feeling Tomlinson would reject it as he hasn’t wanted to pay me a penny yet so why would he now? Well I was right. He declined the offer. He didn’t offer a counter claim. 

Disappointing, Life is too short to have to deal with this man and his bullying any more. But it is what it is. It wasn’t the last of the conversation though. his solicitor wanted to know if I wanted this email proposal to be without prejudice. I confirmed I didn’t want that as I wanted it as an open communication and for the courts to be able to see I had tried to resolve the issue before it goes to court.  Like I have said I have nothing to hide. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. 

Life is indeed too short for all this B.S. But I guess I will just carry on playing his games and alternative bullying tactics now being done by him and his solicitors.

The first court hearing date is scheduled for the 15th Jun 2022.

Is Aaron Wood (Gary Tomlinsons solicitor) Really Allowed To Do This?

Gary Tomlinsons solicitor message three people on Facebook a few days ago. See what he said. 

Is he really allowed to do this? 

And even if he is, what solicitor really messages three people on Facebook who he doesn’t know at 6:19PM?

More bullying from Tomlinson by his solicitor. In his quest to limit the truth being said about him. 

(The post in question was removed, Which is fine I understand people don’t want the hassle from Tomlinson and his solicitor Aaron Wood.)


Why is Gary Tomlinson so happy?

“People tend to believe what they want to believe. But eventually we shall see.” – Gary Tomlinson. 

The man has more bravado and ego than I have ever known anyone have before. 

Thousands of people know the lies he told on his “show” on the 21st March 2022 and this video is his response. 

People will make their own minds up. 

If you haven’t seen the video of him lying through his teeth yet you watch it here.

23rd March 2022 – The Tomlinson seem to be very happy for some reason. I have no idea why he would be so happy just 24 hours after being exposed for being a total liar. 

He says they are having a great day. Rob’s laughing his head off. 

He seems to love how popular he has been on social media in the last 24 hours. 

He says we all know the truth and anyone who knows the family certainly know the truth. 

Yes Gary everyone does know the truth now. Just below you were exposed as a complete liar. Im puzzled why you would be so happy about that though. 

He says that he is totally open and transparent, there is no bullshit and no lies. What you see is what you get. 

You keep telling yourself that Gary and in the meantime everyone else know knows the actual truth knows what BS and lies you really come out with. Transparency doesn’t need confidentiality clauses. 

The REAL TRUTH about Gary Tomlinson, Who Dares Wins and British Masters OLR.

22nd March 2022 – During Gary Tomlinsons ‘show’ last night he spoke complete lies about the FACTS and his relationship with the British Masters One Loft Race. 

He got £8,500 payment from them and his legal actions against them cost them over £12,000 in solicitors fees. 

He thinks because he had a confidentiality clause in the final agreement that the Sullivan brothers who own the British Masters race cannot discuss anything about the settlement and agreement. 

And he is correct, they CAN’T say anything about it without being threatened to be taken back to court.  They will not speak about it.

But he is also taking me to court and I have made no such agreement or signed anything relating to confidentiality and as a party to the case he is bringing against me and previously the other parties I have access to all documents and agreements as part of the court case. So I know the REAL FACTS about what happened and why the British Masters OLR isn’t running in 2022. 

Watch the video below and see for yourself the REAL TRUTH and REAL FACTS. 

(PLEASE NOTE: This post and video have been done by me and me alone. I despise the fact that Tomlinson feels he is able to openly lie about things because of terms he put in an agreement. Lee and Ian Sullivan are not aware that I have made this video and have not be consulted in anyway about it.)

Tomlinson wants to take me to the RPRA about this site.

18th March 2021

I got a letter from the East Midlands region of the RPRA informing me that G&A Tomlinson and Tomlinson & Ryan requested to put me before the RPRA for this website. 

He was told this cannot happen at the moment because he told the secretary he was taking legal action against me about this site. 

Remember he has already reported me to the police about this site twice. After attending an interview I was told there was no further action and this site contains nothing against the law. Freedom of speech cannot be stopped.

The last I heard was from his solicitors sending me a letter threatening legal action and requesting damages on the 26th January 2022.  I haven’t hear anything since. 

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. 

I have nothing to hide. And this site only contains objective opinion about Tomlinson and his family and facts. 

Nobody works for free. Tomlinson forgets he never paid me a penny?

7th March 2022 – Tomlinson stated nobody works for free. Maybe he forgets he never paid me a penny for the hundreds of hours work I did for him and his race helping him to double his gross profits to over £100,000 in 2020. He made sure I couldn’t earn just £5,000 out of our signed deal by doing and saying many negative things about me. He goes on to say if anyone does work for free they can come and work for him. Maybe that’s what he relies on? People doing lots of work for him and not getting paid. 

Did Gary Tomlinson offer someone £2000 to fire a car?

Someone posted that Gary Tomlinson doesn’t like people see facts and blocks people who speak the truth about him. The goes on to say that Gary Tomlinson threatened him. But there is more. Anthony Coburn then claims that after Tomlinson threatened to get his gun out on him he then changed his mind and offered him £2000 to fire someones car. 

Of course this is just one mans word against another. Interesting Tomlinson has not replied to any of the accusations himself. 

Other people proceeded to comment and share their experiences with Tomlinson.

 The post removed from the chat group but You can read the entire post here.

It’s up to each person reading this to decide if this did happen. But it’s very worrying that this may have happened. And the whole disagreement was about Tomlinson wanting £25 part payment for the man who was picking up pigeons when Tomlinson was a pigeon courier.  

Robert Tomlinson Says He Can Get A Car Set On Fire For £50.

What could be more worrying or disturbing than Gary Tomlinson being accused of offering someone £2000 to burn someones car out?

Well that would be Robert Tomlinson while messaging Anthony Coburn after the above post that he “Knows for a fact I could get a car burned our for less than £50 no problem.”

What kind of man is Robert Tomlinson? Not a very nice one if he knows for a fact that he can have peoples cars burnt out for £50. 

This is the kind of family the Tomlinson family REALLY are. 


Was it one of Robert Tomlinsons £50 associates who set my car on fire in April 2020, 70 minutes after I had a conversation with his Dad about not paying me for all the work I did for him? 

I guess we have no way of knowing.

More Tomlinson "Facts" But what's the reality?

For some reason Tomlinson seems to like putting random WDW facts out. This fact released a few days ago still continues to maintain his WDW Auction site was HACKED (It wasn’t , the site just couldn’t handle the traffic, but it’s far more powerful to play the victim and say it was hacked.)

He makes a point of saying his average sale price per pigeon for the top 55 pigeons was £502. Why the top 55 pigeons? He couldn’t be trying to have a go at a rival OLR could he? Either way his facts are slightly skewed. He failed to mention that the 1st lot was sold for £12,000 and it was as we know purchased by him using a random bidding name and not his own. So he pays £12,000 for it, but in real terms it only costs £6000 for him. So without the number one pigeon being sold and bid on by him the average price per pigeon in the top 55 would be £289. which means the net amount to each original owner would be £144.50 and not £251. Compared to another auction that happened on a major world wide auction site where the top 55 pigeons averaged £720 each and even after auction fees would net an average of £234 per pigeon. £144.50 vs £234.  hmm. The irony is that Tomlinson makes these facts up, but when people post actual third party facts about the amount of pigeons he gets back from training and races in his OLR they are not correct at all and people are just trying to harm him. Fact.


Gary Tomlinson. The Puppet Master and spreader of vile rumours?

Unfortunately people seem to think its ok to publicly share and state vile rumours about me on social media. One particular person who did this on one of Gary Tomlinsons post was a Mr Jonny Langham. He made a horrible comment about me that i dont even want to put on this site. Needless to say if you are a parent it’s about the worst thing you can be accused of. As a result of this I took Mr Langham to the RPRA. Initially he agreed to apologise. Then he changed his mind. Why did he change his mind? Im sure it had something to do with Tomlinsons input. I attended the RPRA hearing on the 19th Feb 2022 and wont my appeal case. Mr Langham was ordered to publicly apologise to me within 28th day or would be suspended from the RPRA for 2 years. 

Upon heearing of this news Mr Langham decided he would post about this and not just voice his opinion he chose to re post the original vile comment about me and name me TWICE in the post. All of this after his initial argument was that he never actually mentioned my name in the post (Although it was clear to see he was indeed talking about me.) The group this was posted in removed the post within 50 minutes, but not after I received multiple messages from people who sent me the chat and no doubt hundreds of people saw the vile post

Then Lois Ryan decides to get involved. Lois is Rob Tomlinsons new fiance and seems to know a lot about RPRA rules and seems to know how the appeal meeting was handled. During the meeting Mr Tomlinson was there. Why would he be there? He actually left the room when I spoke and when I got the decision, but he did go back in during the decision process, I assume it was to be able to tell Mr Langham what was said. 

It was also commented that I sat and had a drink with an RPRA official. I did. I was pleased to see Mr Ian Evans the CEO of the RPRA, He was speaking to the committee prior to my hearing and after he finished I had a chat and drink with him for about half an hour. Someone in the post replies seemed to think this was wrong. I have no idea why. Mr Evans was no part of the hearing at all. 

The irony is the Lois Ryan talked about non biased members. She perhaps forgets the prior RPRA hearing with her new father in law to be?. 

The disturbing part of this whole thing are some of the reactions and replies that came after Mr Langhams post. 

Trevor Taylor doesn’t seem to like me… 🙁 

Derek Tierney suggests they should just drag me our of my house and “do me in” Im a scumbag. 

My conclusion to this is that Gary Tomlinson and his family are trying to pull the strings behind this issue. I think they are totally responsible for Mr Langham changing his mind and deciding not to apologise to me. Just another example of Tomlinsons true personality and ways.

Is Who Dares Wins One Loft Race Really Making A LOSS Every Year?

The self proclaimed totally honest, transparent and man of integrity Gary Tomlinson legally has to file yearly accounts for his one loft race. 

According to companies house here  his company has made a loss for the last two yearly accounting periods. 

He is a director of three active companies: 

Who Dares Wins (Alfreton) Ltd  

WDW One Loft Breeding Stud Ltd

Pioneer Racing Pigeons Ltd  

The accounts for 2020 here show the company making a loss. 

The accounts for 2021 here show the company making a loss.


Over the two year in question Who Dares Wins Race has has a total income of over £400,000. He has prize money to pay out, dorn and medication, fuel , transport costs etc etc, but even so the company still made a loss?

How can one of the most successful UK based OLRs make a loss for two years running?

Blackpool Hotels Full Of Refugees? Tommo thinks they maybe.

(Still using an out of date three year old banner which he never paid for in his videos.)

21st December 2021 

Tommo made a comment on his Monday night Tommo show that asked the question why there are no hotels being advertised for Blackpool show weekend. 

One of his theories is that maybe they are full of refugees…

This represents the truly low level of this man in my opinion. The man has no compassion for others.  I despair that a man like this has a voice online representing our great pigeon sport. Rest assured he does not speak for us all.

This was the video where he is still using my unpaid for work in the background and he made a point of saying people were confused about the race.

Oh The Irony... Tommo Deleting Posts Again..

10th December 2021

Tommo posted about how he thinks “Mick” the winner of this years WDW race is the best one loft race pigeon in the world. 

He started to get a slating on the thread so he deleted it before he has time to reply to people. 

But before he deleted it he proclaimed that he and Mrs Tomlinson “think pigeon people are very strange indeed.”

Oh the irony…. 

And no, he didn’t want to reply to Maurice’s question…

Cease & Desist

10th December 2021 – UPDATE

Instead of replying to my cease and desist orders like he should he has now chosen to start harassing another OLR who I have done work for. This guy really doesn’t get it. 

Tommo… If you are reading this, you need to respond to ME about how you are using my work which still remains unpaid and you need to STOP using it!

And stop harassing my clients (who paid me upfront for my work)…

6th December 2021

After seeing much of my work being used in the BHW and online I have sent cease and desist notices to Tomlinson by email and post today. None of the work, including but not limited to my RPI logo, my DVD design, the WDW logo and roller banner design are being used without permission and all of this work is unpaid for. 

He has until the 13th December 2021 to respond and stop using my owned material. 


Copies of the cease and desist notices are below: 

C&D 1 – here

C&D 2 – here

C&D 3 – here

C&D 4 – here

C&D 5 – here

Let’s hope he stops using unpaid for and copyrighted work. 

Don't Pay Me £100's a year? Don't Enter My Race? You Have NO RIGHT to comment or have an opinion about me!

2nd November 2021

So if you watch this video you will hear that anyone who isn’t in Tommo’s race isnt allowed to voice any opinion on the race. 

Someone who expressed an opinion online who said the returns of the WDW race were a lot lower than other races met Tommo at Epsom show and was physically threatened being told “They could go outside now and sort it out” 

Tommo, the consumate professional. And people wonder why few people speak about him or his family in any negative way. 

This is why. Express any negative opinion and you are threatened.  Transparent to the core. 


Hackers, bullshit and more lies.

30th October 2021

The rumour is I hacked the WDW Auction site, and got 600,000 people to visit it. Total rubbish. 

The REAL reason the site crashed is it couldn’t handle the traffic. Technically it’s near impossible to hack or DDOS his auction site because it’s protected by CloudFlare who run a system to prevent such things. 

However, he still insists it was me. After all, it’s far easier to blame someone else for your failings than just admit the site couldn’t handle the traffic. 

Apparently he has “proof” that the site was attacked. We await to see this proof. In the meantime, see the video excuse. 

One last try? I should have known better.

26th October 2021

In retrospect it was a stupid idea. Either way I decided to try and finish outstanding issues between us. This didn’t mean Iaccept or forgive the actions of Tommo and his family towards my family and I but sometime even “enemies” can sometime agree to disagree and move on. This was my intention with the email I sent to Tommo on the 19th October 2021. Life is too short for continuing issues like this to be going on and my life and direction on things I’m working on are changing going into next year. And life I said in the email, life is too short for hassle. 

I received no reply from him. 

This is the third time in 18 months I have tried to resolve outstanding issues between us. It will be the very last time. 

The mans ego is way too big and his attitude is way too neanderthal to ever want to resolve issues I guess. 

Enough is enough with this situation. It’s a shame, as part of my reasoning for trying to resolve issues was that as we are coming up to show season we will be in the same places as each other. This is of no concern to me, but far from ideal for my son Zandie who still has major issues about our experiences with the Tomlinson family. 

I tried and that is that. No more trying. Im done with trying. So be it. 


Will The REAL Pierre Leclerc (AKA Tommo) Please stand up!?!

So is seems like Tommo has now gone all continental. He once again bid on the winner of the race, knowing what the maximum bids from other people were, while only having to pay half the total amount, we know about this from last years experiences of the WDW auction. However for another little twist this year Tommo decided to bid on his own auction under a false name. 

Pierre Leclerc was the winner of the £12,025 WDW winner and it turned out 24 hours later that Tommo declared he had won the pigeon. The epitome of above board, honest, open and transparent once again…. 

RPRA Appeal and Final Results. (A total whitewash and joke.)

The long awaited outcome of my RPRA hearing against Tomlinson was a total whitewash. I went along the Derbyshire meeting on 22nd of June and after a bunch of lies from Tomlinson, whilst also feeling silenced and being told I was unable to mention any legal issues I had with him this happened. 

Yes, I was to get a sever reprimand for ungentlemanly conduct and for bringing the sport into disrepute. AND I was told I was unable to talk about it on social media or any other means. 

I was not able to talk about unresolved business contracts or anything. The same contracts the regional meeting said were of no concern to them. 

Have the Derbyshire members ever heard of freedom of speech? I guess not. 

After asking them to confirm that non of the three issues I had brought to the RPRA against Tomlinson were to be judged on I was told that that was their decision and that was it. 

So then on to the main council appeal. 

A month or so later the hearing was re heard, at this time the Derbyshire RPRA representative Steve Reed joined Tommo at the meeting. My son had decided this time he would be my witness but very quickly Mr Reed who was sitting right next to Tommo said it wasnt allowed as he wasn’t a witness previously. 

I promptly asked in what capacity Mr Reed was attending the meeting and sitting on the same table as Tommo. He said he was representing the region. He was swiftly told he was only there as a witness to confirm any previous meetings happenings and asked to sit at the back. 

The conclusion. A total waste of time. After deliberation the council members decided it was a civil matter and the RPRA could not get involved. Plus the regional meeting decision was not in effect. 

So my freedom of speech is restored but Tommo still has 7 birds that are my sons and the other issues not addresses. 

Like I said a total waste of time and whitewash. 

Tommo clearly loved the outcome. 

However, I note during both meetings he called this site “illegal” I’m still waiting to receive legal notice of his issues with this site. 

Coming Soon.

The 2021 WDW race "lottery" odds just got bigger. Is Tommo for real?

Who Dares Wins One Loft Race 1861 pigeons, not 1500

First time here?

Be sure to start your journey of discovery about the real Gary Tomlinson, his family and his Who Dares Wins One Loft Race.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and see for yourself what this man is like.

25th April 2021

When you enter a one loft race like Who Dares Wins ran by Gary Tomlinson and are told the maximum entry for that years race is 1500 pigeons you expect it to be 1500 pigeons. 

Imagine paying your £500 to enter 3 birds thinking you have a 1 in 500 chance of winning you know the lottery odds. 

Many times “Tommo” has repeated that the maximum birdage for 2021 is 1500. However it now seems that has changed. He has publicly stated there are “over 1800 pigeons in the lofts” since he has closed entries and Benzing online is shows there are 1861 pigeons in the lofts. 

How can this be fair? 

So with over 1800 pigeons in the loft thats another £50,000 worth of entries in his bank account. 20% more pigeons than he said would be in the lofts to compete against. Surely you would expect the price money to be increased by 20%? After all he is the man of honesty, integrity and transparency right? But no, the prize money is still £103,000 total. So another £50,000 worth of entry money into his pocket instead which sets him up to have a bumper profit year of over £150,000. 

Now he will say that the extra entries are because he had to give free entires to people due to losing so many birds before training commenced last year. But over 300 free entries? Really?

And surely those free entires should be counted into the total 1500 entries? It appears not as this would obviously effect the profits of the 2021 race, something that could never be allowed to happen. 

So now if you have one bird in the race you have a 0.053735% chance of winning instead of a 0.066667% chance of winning, 20% more odds stacked against you. But that’s fair right?

I really don’t know how Gary Tomlinson continues to get away with pulling these money grabbing, sleazy things. His hardcore fan base can’t be that blinded by his bullshit can they? 

Hopefully people outside of his little fan base will realise what the guy is really like. 

Let’s see how many of the 1861 pigeons this master pigeon racer and guru gets to the final this year. Hopefully more than the artificial 26% he got to 2020’s final (Don’t know what Im talking about, read one, 50 birds miraculously appeared for the final, which put him from 23% to 26% of entires to the final which at the time put him over the FCI’s minimum requirements, an organisation he no longer belongs to as he was the first race in FCI history to withdraw himself from the organisation.) 

Remember though. This “man” is not in it for the money, the extra £10,000’s of in income is not what he does this for. He does it for the love of the sport and to help people…..

I’ll await another call from the police for further accusations of harassment from him for making people aware of what he is really like. 

(I’m still waiting for my RPRA hearing date too, patience… Good things come to those who wait and won’t be intimate or bullied in anyway. So I will keep waiting.)

More Police Action? This is beyond a joke now.

7th April 2021.

I received another phone call from Leicestershire police this morning. “Tommo” is continuing to try to use the police to intimidate and bully me. After his first attempt (see this page below) to have the police charge me with harassment relating to this site he is clearly not happy and once again has tried to take them to take action. As I said in the call to them, They are not taking any action. 

While he continues to refuse a virtual RPRA hearing he continues to do these kinds of things. Like I say, this is beyond a joke now. 

How many pulled out exactly?

Someone sent me this from Facebook earlier:

According to the self proclaimed “Mr transparent Tommo” his race was sold out in 7 weeks this year. (Great publicity and marketing?) But as some may have expected some teams have now “pulled out.” Covid, financial issues etc… We get it, times are hard at the moment. But exactly how many teams have pulled out of the race and how many spaces are available? 

If “Gary cant afford for anymore people dropping out” the amount must be quite high right? After all with 1500 entries the man stands to make over £125,000 this year… (But it’s not about he money)

I’m sure Mr transparent will say exactly how many entries are available in the race on tonights show. After all that would be the most transparent thing to do right? At least hopefully participants who were disappointed to not be able to get in previously will know if they have a chance of competing now..


More wrong facts, lies and disguised intimidation from "Tommo" to others?

I saw this posted by Zandie and I’s friend Andy Pereira.

Andy became our friend when he saw what Tomlinson had been doing last year and sent Zandie some amazing young birds for him to race. Those birds are going into his old bird team this season. Andy is a true gent.  (And someone who you can’t bully or intimidate. ) Below is the post in question by Andy and as you can see WDW, Tomlinson or his family were NEVER mentioned. Another example of Tommo’s nice and caring side.


Given that Tommo is now a philanthropist and charity fund raiser I’m sure he will take Andy up on his offer of donating £500 to Andy’s choice of charity.

Hate, lies, friends, honesty, crooks, con men, blackmail and demands?

Who Dares Win International One Loft Race No Longer FCI Registered?

After applying for and obtaining FCI registration status why would the Who Dares Wins International One Loft Race run by Tomlinson NOT be registered with the FCI in 2021? 

I’m sure Tomlinson will tell everyone in good time. 

RPRA Hearing Update

2nd January 2021.

Today ‘should’ have been the day of the hearing against G&A Tomlinson, however a few days ago I was informed that the meeting has once again been cancelled due to the covid situation. 

To say I was disappointed was an understatement, after all I have been waiting to get this RPRA hearing finally done since April 2020. 

The email stated: 

“Morning Mark,

Sorry to have to inform you but the meetings which were to be held on Saturday have been cancelled, G & A Tomlinson have declined to take part by zoom and also due to the fact that the RPRA have postponed their AGM until it can be held in the normal manner.

Also I have learnt that the General meeting agenda was posted on the internet by yourself I presume, General meetings of the Region are for Region Committee members only plus appellants when necessary.”

So there you have it, another waiting game. who knows how long this will take until I can finally get “Tommo” in front of the RPRA. 

A few points about the above. I have NEVER posted any meeting agenda online, I have only ever posted the new date of the RPRA hearing(s) on here. 

The main point that got me thinking was the “G&A Tomlinson have declined to take part by zoom.” 

Why on earth would Tommo decline to have the RPRA hearing done via online video instead? Surely he is as eager to get these matters dealt with as quickly as possible as I am?

Then I thought: 

Maybe he doesn’t have the technical knowledge to operate zoom? – Surely not, he’s a video live streaming legend now, since working with me and getting all my knowledge and marketing for free, he is the king of online video. So that can’t be. 

Maybe he wants to see me face to face again in the same room, so he can try to intimidate me and stress my son out even more? – Surely not, he’s not stupid enough to think he can intimidate me any more? Nahh, that cant be it. 

Maybe he wants to keep breeding as many young birds for the 7 pigeons he still owes my son? Maybe, but surely not, he’s got loads of pigeons in his new stud now, surely he’s not relying on having those 7 birds still?

Maybe he needs to be live in person in a room and use his charisma and charm to win over the RPRA members? Maybe that’s it, maybe he’s worried being online won’t show his man of the people caring nature who only cares about the pigeon sport, isn’t in the sport for money at all and he wouldn’t get that over enough online… 

Maybe he’s worried about me recording the zoom meeting? and letting people who can’t attend in person see the whole thing. After all we know he hates people hearing about things he doesn’t want people to know about online..

Maybe he figures he will string this thing long enough so he makes sure he pulls in another £250,000 in 2021 from his race before any RPRA hearing happens? (covid is his helper you know, and realistically this hearing may not happen for 4-5 months) by which time his “sold out” race for 2021 will have netted him another £100k+. Maybe..

Maybe he needs to gather more support from people and keep demonstrating what a nice guy he really is, after all we know he thinks (because he keeps telling everyone who will listen that I’m  just a con man who keeps putting everything up he doesn’t want his loyal fans to know about? 

Maybe he will explain why he doesn’t want to conclude this hearing online during his Monday night shows? No, come on Mark, you know he has never mentioned anything about the RPRA hearing or this website on his shows. It will never happen. Only good positive Tommo related news on his ‘show.’ So that won’t happen..

Or Maybe he’s just being as difficult as he can, using this as another subtle control play to keep things with this horrible excuse for a man going for my family and I and gets a kick out of playing games and not having to face the music. That’s probably it. He has very few more cards to play in this whole sorry situation and this is another way he can still feel in control for a bit longer. 

For the record I am totally up to get the RPRA hearing done via video conference anytime and day as I would like it for my family and I not to have to have this man feature as any part of our lives in 2021. 2020 was partly dominated by this bullying excuse for a pigeon man. Him deciding not to pay me a penny is one thing, but some of the tricks he has tried to pull in the last 9 months are to a new level of pathetic. The stress he has caused my 17 year old son Zandie and my partner Gabi is off the scale. I don’t want 2021 to be the same. 

Saying that despite his best efforts this site WILL NOT come down. You see, it’s no longer anything to do with the money he conned me out of, We are way past that, if it makes him feel better about himself he can keep the £5,000 he owes me. (The 7 pigeons he owes my son are a different matter, you do something against my son and it’s a different) To be honest though I would rather Gary gives my son the £880 I paid on his behalf for the 7 pigeons now. Zandie doesn’t want them and who knows how many “venture birds” have been bred out of them since we brought them in November 2019. The £880 would be much better spent in his racing and looking after the great pigeons he has got from the lovely proper pigeon people he has since met. 

So to be clear this RPRA hearing is about bring G&A Tomlinson to account for their despicable behaviour as outlined on this website, the attempted fraud of transferring pigeons into his name without my permission etc and the terrible behaviour of A Tomlinson against my son back in June last year. Yes, Tommo knows lots of people around these parts, and yes it may go against me (although I feel strongly with all the evidence I have he should be suspended or banned from the RPRA) but either way it needs to be done as this man is very used to people not standing up to him.. And like I have said many times before on this website, That will never happen. You can only be bullied if you allow yourself to be bullied and I refuse to be bullied by Tommo or his mates.  Every dog has his day and trust me I will have my day in front of the RPRA to show them just what this “man” really is like. Hopefully, if this horrible covid situation des get better as many people will be at the hearing as possible to hear it too. 

I will keep this site updated with any information I get as to when the RPRA hearing will finally happen. 


During the last few weeks I have heard of very disturbing rumours about me and my past from “friends of Tommo” via third parties. It appears, after exhausting all his efforts he has resorted to spreading vile rumour about me and my past.  It’s a good job people who know me, people who really know me stand up to the horrible drivel being spilled out of Tommo’s bullying mind to his followers and disciples and put them straight. All of this is being documented and will be submitted to the RPRA hearing to demonstrate what a bullying, horrible sick man Tommo really is. 

It’s sad that this hearing is once again delayed, ever more sad that it could be months and months until it actually happens. Not sad for me, I can wait. What I am sad for is for my son Zandie who was looking forward to this all being over with so he could get on with the new year of 2021 and look forward to concentrating purely on his pigeons and not having to think about pigeon sport bullies like Tommo.

Harassment?!? Tommo seems to think so...

26th November 2020.

I had a phone call from Leicestershire police asking me to attend an interview under caution in connection with accusations of harassment by Gary Tomlinson. No, this is not a joke. The “hard man” bully Tomlinson is now showing his true colours once again. It appears even bullies like him will try and use the police to help them in their bullying ways.

Harassment… According o the UK government the definition of harassment is “”the legal definition of harassment also includes making “someone feel intimidated” by their personal comments. There are multiple definitions of harassment, but it occurs when an individual acts or says things towards another person with the intent to offend.”

Ridiculous considering I haven’t spoken to the man in over 6 months since trying to collect 7 pigeons he owns my son. 


Now we know Tomlinson is is no way intimidated by me as he has said it many times, and if he is offended by the facts on this site maybe he should look at his and his families actions?

I will be only too pleased to provide the police with all the information on the deliberate attempts by Tomlinson to spread hate and untruths about me. I will also insist that this site will stay live and continue to provide information to people who care to look about the other side of Tomlinson and his family. 

It’s ironic that Leicestershire police chose not to speak to Tomlinson about the fire bombing of my car back in April yet seemingly want to act on BS allegations made by a bullying fool.  Funny old life isn’t it. 

 I’m going in to speak to the police tomorrow and am looking forward to the interview and will post an update here. 

27th November - Police Interview Update.

I attended a police interview this morning. Apparently Tomlinson think this site is is harassing and causing him and his family hurt and suffering and it’s effecting his good name. I think it’s a case of embarrassment that full facts and truths are published about him. After showing the police all the things Tomlinson has posted about me on social media I think it’s even more ridiculous he has gone to the police to report this website. 


I will post an update here when I hear from the police.

10th December 2020 - No Further Action

I had a call from he police today to inform me there would be no further action taken with the accusations of harassment. Yet another attempt by bully boy Tomlinson to silence his detractors and people who actually stand up to him that didn’t work. 

This website will continue to stay online (It was always going to no matter what the outcome of any police action as a result of Tomlinson) and it will continue to highlight just what a horrible piece of work he and his family really are. 

He’s failed at trying to use the police in his quest to bully and intimidate me, Will this man one day learn that lying and thinking you can do what you want when you feel like it to people won’t work? Maybe he will realise one day. Maybe not. 

Gary Tomlinson / Who Dares Wins Race Auction 2020

The most transparent one loft race and online auction in the world!?

20th October 2020 – Tommo and his family pride themselves on “honesty, integrity and transparency” so with this in mind I’m sure they will be only too keen to clarify things. The auction seems to have been a success with 192 pigeons fetching over £46,000 and averaging £245 each and Tommo himself says some of the big bids “shocked him”

The transparency that Tommo keeps insisting that is the heart of the race and everything connected to it is now notorious as he keeps saying it on every Monday “show” he has. (They say imitation is the best form of flattery you know.) 

Tommo Bidding on and winning birds.

It’s a subjective opinion depending on who you speak to if you think that its right and fair that Tommo buys birds at the WDW each year. Some people think it’s his right to bid on pigeons and buy them. Others would say that it goes completely against the ‘honesty, integrity and transparency” the family says it all about. 

Personally, for what it’s worth I see no major issues with him buying pigeons back from the race. (However there are some caveats to that opinion as you will see below.) Of course the cynic people out there could accuse Tommo of bidding on auction lots to just bid up birds and increase his cut of the profits. That’s up to people individually to decide if Tommo (“A down to earth person who lives in the real world” would do such a thing. I have no facts or way of knowing if this happened and therefore wouldn’t like to comment. 

Tommo has publicly stated he purchased 10 pigeons from this years auction and some great “bargains” he got too. (Remember he only actually has to pay half of the final sale price.)

Smart Business… Running your own auction..

Many people think its just the sign of a smart business man to run your own auction site and not have to pay commission to other auction houses. Some people may question the decision however. Apart from the RPRA OLR (which is the most trusted and transparent race around) there are no other OLR’s who run their own online auctions. Other companies or people do it for them. Having other companies run your final race auction is the ultimate transparency and if this were the case I am sure most people would have no issue with anyone, including Tommo bidding on birds. 

Auto Bids

If you have ever bid on any pigeon website or easy for that matter you know about auto bids, they are a great time and stress saving feature of most auction sites. 

The trouble is when the person bidding on pigeons also OWNS the auction site and has administration access either himself or via his tech guy and KNOWS what the maximum bids are from other people (information other bidders wouldn’t know) he has a distinct advantage to know he WILL be able to get pigeons in the closing seconds without fear of being out bid. To me this is the most un transparent, dishonest and demonstrates a total lack of integrity. How can it be fair and an even playing field that the man who is bidding against you who is bidding or bidding you up also knows the maximum price you are prepared to pay and in 8 of the 10 lots he wins manages to get the lot for just £5 or £10 more than the other bidders? He knows their maximum bids… Auto bids. A great feature if you are bidding and running the auction site yourself. 

Let’s look at the 10 pigeons brought by Tommo.

Lot 3

Tommo started the bidding off himself at £50. Then he bid against numerous people over the course of 7 days. There is a bidder name “t**************n” who was very active over many lots in the auction, We have no way of knowing if this was Tomlinson or not. However the final day of this lot finishing came and another bidder bid £570 after Tommos bid of £560. No other bids happened apart from Tommo Jnr’s bid of £580. This bid happened a good few hours before the finish of the lot. Safe to know you are the highest bidder and no other auto bids have come in. £580 for a 3rd place OLR pigeon with good breeding and a snip when it only costs you £290 really.)

Lot 3 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)


Lot 4

Again on lot 4 you see the username “t**************n” bidding a lot on this auction. Tommo starts with his bidding at £630 and the bidding goes all the way up to £1500 when an auto bid is places 9 minus before the auction end by someone. At the same time Tommo comes in with a bid of £1510. The £1500 bid by someone else was an auto bid. Tommo would have been able to see is was an auto bid and snatch the lot for just £10 more. Inside knowledge that you are going to not be beaten… That’s fair right?

Lot 4 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)


Lot 23

With lot 23 Tommo comes in at £320 and get the pigeon for £432. This lot was extended due to multiple bids in the last few minutes and Tommo put an auto bid on up to £400. Someone else comes in with an auto bid at £422 two minutes later. Tommo was able to see this was the other persons maximum and comes in for £10 more to get the pigeon for a bargain price of £432 (£216 out his own pocket). 

Lot 23 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)

Lot 43

A real bargain. Tommo comes in to the bidding at £110, gets outbid, auto bids up to £161, two minutes later some other pesky person bids £176 and k knowing that their maximum bid the owner of the most transparent race in the world manages to place a quick bid for £10 more to get the pigeons or £186…

Lot 43 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)

Lot 44

Tommo comes in to the bidding at £70, bows out, comes back in at £310, get over bid, keeps bidding and auto bids up to £531. Someone who really wanted the pigeon bids £550.07 in the closing stages of the auction, Tommo knows thats the maximum price (because he has access to the admin section of the auction or is on the phone to Tom his tech guy) and snatches the pigeon for £560.07. Inside “transparent” information though ehh.

Lot 44 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)

Lot 77

This time Tommo gets involved at £100. Battles with another bidder all the best up to £350 (which was an auto bid) then continues the bidding with manual bids. The pesky other bidder bids £10 over Tommos auto bid. And Tommo gets another bird for just £10 more for £430. 

Lot 77 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)

Lot 143

The odd one out. The one that got away. Tommo only starts bidding (or bidding up) at £970. Prior to this two bidders were mad keen on getting this pigeon and bidding against each other. Tommo sees an auto bid for £1035 from the other party and to make sure he gets it places an auto bid at £1100. But damn the other guy beats him by £5 and manages to get this pigeon. Maybe Tommo was feeling generous and thought we its another £500 to me or maybe he missed this because he was focusing on making sure he got the start of the show lot 168,

Lot 143 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)

Lot 147

Another bargain. Tommo starts bidding at £105 and managed to get the lot by bidding £5 more against an auto bid. 

 Lot 147 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live) 

Lot 163

Tommo entrees the bidding here at £210 just 35 minutes before the finish of the auction. Auto bids up to £250 but the same person he was biding against (or bidding up) over bid tomorrow by £5 this time. Three minutes later Tommo grabs the lot for £5 more and gets it for £260 (£130 out of pocket)

Lot 163 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)

Lot 168

The famous lot, the grandson of Armando. Bidder t**************n (who ever that is) and another user are bidding on this pigeon from £865. Now this pigeon is a special one, special in a few ways. Special in that it’s the grand child of the most expensive pigeon in the world, but also special in that it was caught by “straw catchers” after hotspot 2 race and only came back home a few days later.. Maybe the stray catchers had a psychic pigeon sense that this pigeon they they decided to keep in their loft was a gran child of the most expensive pigeon in the world?!? Or maybe not..   


Bidding between t**************n and the other poor bidder carries on. The other bidder places an auto bid for £1010. (Cheap right for a grandson of the most expensive pigeon in the world). Now the Tommo Jnr profile hasn’t bid on this pigeon but after seeing £1010 is the maximum auto bid comes in right away and grabs this bargain of a pigeon for another £5. Paying £1015 (£507.50) for a grandson of Armando. Tommo said he had his heart on this pigeon, so maybe t**************n is Gary too. We have no way of knowing. But either way we know Tommo sniped in at the end and [perhaps abused his inside transparent knowledge of the auction admin system to know he would win it for just £5 more. But thats fair, honest, transparent and acting with integrity right?

Lot 168 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)

Lot 192

This was the last pigeon in the auction and the last pigeon to end due to the continuous bidding going on . I later found out just after the auction ended that I know the other bidder who was trying to get this pigeon because right after it finished he messaged me to say he didn’t get it. This bidder obviously really wanted the pigeon. But come on this is Tommos auction… He’s the master. He’s in charge. Tommo sees the bidding going and gets involved at £210. The bidding carries on up to The £700’s The other bidder places an auto bid at £775, then right away ups the auto bid to £800. Tommo can see this and KNOWS £800 is the maximum in the closing seconds of the auction closing and comes in and snatches it for £5 more getting the pigeon at £805. Fair right?

Lot 192 bidding history here

Original listing here (if still live)

Everything above is fact based for anyone to see. Even if the auction listings are removed you can still see the screen caps of the bidding. Once again, together with all the other things about Tommo and his actions are up to you to make your own mind about. I for one (and others who know about this) think its bang out of order to run the auction yourself , with inside knowledge and be bidding on pigeons. It demonstrates a total lack of transparency and lack of trust in the man, race and family. Maybe. But thats just an opinion. Up to you what you think. 

LATEST UPDATE:  The only ridiculous explanation Tomlinson could give to the above is that the reason he runs his own auction site is because if he did it on a third party auction site the original owner would “only end up with about 15%” of the sale price. This is a pathetic response. He already pays for the photos to be done so it would mean auction sites would charge 10% of the sale price. He could chose to take the 10% hit on his commission, but doesn’t. He doesn’t because of the reason above. He can get bargains as he knows the maximum bids on pigeons by running it himself. 

As someone who “Always tell the truth, and is always transparent” the excuse given is pathetic. Why doesn’t Tomlinson tell the truth and be transparent? We know the real reason.

9th October 2020 - Robert Tomlinson pleads guilty to assault by beating.

Rob Tomlinson running out of his car before he assaults.

Back in June I went with my 16 yr old son to pickup 7 pigeons that he bid on and won in 2019 WDW online auction. Pigeons which I paid for and arranged with Tomlinson to pickup on a Saturday afternoon. It was arranged two days prior to pick them up at 2pm. (In the interests of full disclosure Tommo had emailed me at 9:30AM on the Saturday morning saying it was “inconvenient” for me to come, I don’t check my emails on a Saturday morning and didn’t know about it. He was at home when we arrived so honestly, I think he was just messing me around. After 25 minutes of arguments and Tommo telling my son he couldn’t get his pigeons Rob Tomlinson arrived and ran out of his car and started attacking my brother. (My brother stepped in front of me as Tommo Junior was running at me.) He was arrested and charged with assault. All of this because in his normally controlling bullying style Tommo decided he didn’t want to give my son the 7 pigeons. You can listen to the whole sorry pathetic episode below:


Listen to the whole thing below.

Rob Tomlinson in action.. Remember we only came to pick up 7 pigeons for my 16 year old son which Tommo had agreed to 2 days prior….

Annette Tomlinson trying to push my 16 year old sons phone out his hands. (He had the foresight to start videoing the whole thing as Rob Tomlinson arrived with Annette Tomlinson)

Annette Tomlinson still pushing my 16 year old son while her son is still having a go at my brother.

My brother suffered cuts and bruises as a result of Rob Tomlinson actions and never fought back at any time. The video of the whole incident was given to the police shortly before Rob Tomlinson was arrested.

9th October 2020 - Rob Tomlinson is given a criminal conviction for assault by beating.

On the 9th October Robert Tomlinson pleaded guilty to the charge of assault by beating and was given a 12 month conditional discharged and ordered to pay court costs. 

He now has a criminal conviction and my son STILL doesn’t have his 7 pigeons. 

I have emailed proving that I wanted a courier company to pick up the pigeons instead of going to Tomlinsons property as I knew the type of people I was now dealing with. Tomlinson refused fo me to have them picked up by a courier and insisted I came to pick them up myself. 

These are the type of people the Tomlinson family really are. 

How much do peanuts cost? WDW Auctions...

“Tommo” Posted this a few days ago. Someone needs to ask him how much peanuts cost. 

Some facts: 

* Tommo paid me nothing to run his 2019 online auction. I guess peanuts cost nothing.

* Tommo made over £8000 from the auction in 2019. 

* I paid to run the auction and set it up out of my own pocket.

* Tommo’s new best friend and all round tech ‘genius’ Tom Swift worked with me and advised me last year on the auction software. It did have some issues but still made over £16,000 and £165 average per pigeon

* Tom Swift has setup and is running the auction for Tommo this year. He is also using the same software to run it as last year but the site seems to be running fine. 

* In the interests of transparency  and being the “most transparent OLR in Europe” I’m sure Tommo will tell everyone how many pigeons he personally bid on in this year and how many he won once the auction is finished.

RPRA Hearing Update

December 2020 Update – I’m pleased to hear that the RPRA hearing is now scheduled for 2nd January 2021. If for any reason the hearing can’t go ahead due to Covid regulations and I am told it will happen via zoom instead. I will update when I hear more. 

11:34AM 21st October 2020 – I have just been told the planned RPRA hearing for 3 days time is cancelled due to covid tier 3 restrictions being placed on South Yorkshire. Another delay, after this has been going on for month. When will I ever get this man in front of the RPRA for his actions? I’m not sure, but I know it will happen one day!

RPRA HEARING UPDATE: I have now had the confirmation that the RPRA hearing will be on 24th October at 1pm in Chesterfield. The room is limited to 20 people I will be there with my son Zandie as a witness.


September Update

Gary Tomlinson continues to try to bully and intimidate me and my family. Despite making over £100,000 from this years 2020 Who Dares Wins race, as a result of doubling his entries which I helped to do (he got 720 entries in 2019) he had yet to still pay me a single penny for any of the work I have done for me and continues to owe me many thousands of pounds. 

I have 4 outstanding complaints against G&A Tomlinson lodged with the RPRA and I await a hearing to determine them. 

There is a not hardly a week goes by when the man doesn’t mention or attack me on his weekly “show.” I say show as its really just an advert for his race and to demonstrate what a transparent and up front genuine guy he really is. 

Just last week he slandered me on his show saying total untruths about me. The guy seems obsessed. I guess this obsession is based on the fact I refuse to be bullied by him. The man is used to bullying people and them backing down. That’s how he operates. The obsession with trying to turn people against me is also a great way of diverting peoples attention from the actual situation and what he is.

He pretends to be a man of the pigeon people, a working class guy, a miner, salt of the earth etc etc. But really, he is all about the money and how much he can make. He will be your best friend, until he doesn’t need you any more. Then you either shut up or he will try and bully you into shutting up. Most people shut up. 

The trouble is, Tomlinson doesn’t know how to deal with people he tries to bully who stand up to him who don’t use their fists. If you are a smart person who doesn’t result to physical threats and threats of violence, someone who uses their head instead of their fists he is stumped. He also gets very paranoid. His paranoia has made him accuse me of hacking into his computers and much more. Like I have time or the knowledge to do that. What I do have however is intelligence to make sure people know about how he really is.

Remember all of this happened when the man has made over £100K this year from his race, decided in January that he was going to hit his target of 1500 entries and he didn’t need my services any more and subsequently started bad mouthing me on social media. This led to him engineering a way of making sure I didn’t earn any money from entires in the race I was owed. Thats how money grabbing the guy is. 

There are many things this “man” has done in the past months, too many to mention, many of them have effected my family and in particular my 16 year old son Zandie, who’s in his first year of the pigeon sport. I can handle Tomlinson’s attacks against me, doesn’t bother me, but when he effects my young son it makes things very personal. 

For me, it’s gone way past just what money the man hasn’t paid me, it’s about making sure people know the full story and the man they call “Tommo”.

One part of this process is using the forthcoming RPRA hearing to demonstrate just what Tomlinson has done. No matter what the outcome of this RPRA hearing I’m sure he will continue to try and bully and manipulate people. Just not me. 


Independent Final Race Marking?

WDW OLR is FCI registered and as part of FCI rules all one loft race final basketing should be attended by an FCI representative (An RPRA official.) It looks like  the RPRA representative couldn’t attend and Tommo drafts in other people to help. I stated on the video here that two of the three race markers were “independent witnesses” for the race marking. This is impossible and another lie by Tomlinson as two of the three people helping to mark the pigeons had 4 pigeons in the final race. (Also the ring numbers of the pigeon should be read from the pigeon and verified on the ETS system, not the other way round.)

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying the two people in question are in any way in the wrong or have done anything wrong. What I am demonstrating is another lie by Tomlinson).

My opinions on the Tomlinson Family:

His Response (Which he removed 14 hours later):

Listen to the call below. This was a call I had at 8pm on Saturday 18th April after Tomlinson ignored me for an entire week while having the time to bad mouth me and the 30 pigeon syndicate I was trying to sell as pat of my agreement with him. All members of the family got involved as you will hear. The man lied many times on the call. Remember Tomlinson has generated over £250,000 from the entires into this race this year and stands to make over £120,000 profit this year.

and my car was set on fire 70 minutes later..

The video I made right after the car was fire bombed.

After putting the phone down and not getting the issue resolved I got on with my evening. 70 minutes later my car alarm went off and my 16 year old son and girlfriend saw our car being set on fire. Three men came and torched it. Writing off the car. 

My 16 year old son and girlfriend were traumatised for months after, my son left the house and his pigeons for three weeks after.

CCTV footage of the three cowards...

The car after it has been torched. and the petrol can they used.

Tommos Theory...

Interestingly, the Tomlinson family have their own theory on what happened to my car just 70 minutes after the phone call with them. Their theory which they have publicly said is that I set my own car on fire……. Yeah that makes sense right?!

The police were pretty useless and no one has ever been found for the incident.

So I’ll let you make your own mind up about Gary “Tommo” Tomlinson. Needless to say I regret the day Gary Tomlinson called me and asked for me to help him and his race. 

Remember, you can only be bullied if you allow yourself to be bullied and that will never happen. 

Since all of this started happening in April 2020 I have had many people contact me about this man, his family and their actions. 

If you have been a victim of him then please feel free to contact me. It’s time the truth behind this man came out and people stop being bullied by him once and for all. 

Truth is powerful, and it prevails. Traffic over the last 12 months.