The evidence Tomlinson didn’t want the judge to see.

As we have come to expect from Tomlinson, he lied through his teeth telling the judge I was never entitled to any money from the sale of the physcial DVD I produced for him. He lied by saying I owned the online version and he the physical one. Total lie, which many people know is untrue. It doesn’t matter to him who he lies to. Competitors in his race, county court judge, all the same to him. 

He even played the victim to the judge spouting a load of crap about how me posting everything that happens on here is effecting he and his famiiles mental health and asked her to order me not to post anything about the case on here. Well, he and they have no right to ask or demand that and as the judge told him he can go to court and get an injunction against me again if he want for publishing the real facts and truth. 

My hearing last week went bad for me, it was dismissed, but while Tommo is spouting that i lost again and he “won” you need to know the facts. 

Tomlinson fought tooth and nail to make sure key evidence wasnt allowed to be heard, evidence that was according to him and the court submitted 4 days late, evidence that was submitted 6 weeks prior to the trial. 

So why did he fight to now allow the evidence into the trial? Well, it’s quite simple it was damming and proved I owned half of the income from everything. See for your self. 


After reading the evidence I am sure you will see why he didn’t want it in the trial. The public will be his judge and the public can see what a lying, dishonest and scumbag of a man he really is. 

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  1. You lost again lol best you chuck the towel in your s con man who’s had his arse bitten and your lies exposed that even a court of law won’t entertain you Mr Conman


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