Tomlinson Finally Admits He Was Lying About Having A Licensed Quarantine Station. The Victim Card Gets Played Again.

Watch this..

So Tomlinson finally admits once again that he lied to everyone about having an official DEFRA approved quarantine station. it only took 5 months…

He said it was knocked back wasn’t “suitable for quarantine” because it was made of wood. So the 100+ year old brick barn had nothing to do with it getting knocked back then? Of course not. 

By the time they knew for sure they were refused they had already imported 93 pigeons from Ireland… How’s does that work then? 

More to the point what about the other 200+ that came in from Ireland after? By default he admits they were imported without quarantine and therefore he broke to law

He wrongly claims they were reported by me. As I posted on this website I merely asked the question many other people wanted to know, but didn’t like to ask, to DEFRA direct , via email if Tomlinson had an official quarantine station as his premises never appeared on any official DEFRA register. So once again, he likes to play the victim. It is what it is. He just doesn’t get the fact that you can’t just keep lying to people It will always come back to bite you. 

He says they are not  pursuing quarantine station any further, And not people know “exactly the truth” yeah we all now know Tommo, We all now know you clearly lied months ago. 

Another victim card is that other OLRs had pigeons in outside of the UK. Why me!?! Why Me!?! Poor Tommo. 

Well let’s see, here are the reasons its probably just him who has these issues. 

1. He lies constantly. 

2. He lied to his customers, he lied to other OLRs that he has this facility, even offering to provide them with the services. 

3. No other OLR brought any where near 300+ pigeons into the UK illegally. 

4.He clearly stated in a video in 2021 he had been approved and “was the only OLR in the UK to have these facilities” In the same video he said he would grass any other OLR up who didnt follow the rules. 

5. The main point. And it’s personal. I like all the other OLRs in the UK, They have never done anything to me and I have no issue with any of them. Tomlinson and WDW however, as you will see from the posts on this site have done everything they can to try and bully or indimiated me, in addition to continue to spread vile rumours about me… That’s the big difference Tommo. 

He doesn’t get it. He lies, I will make it my duty to make sure people know the truth? 

Obsessed? Not really, Its a game to me now. The man doesn’t know how to tell the truth, he even lies to judges. He talks about how his family have been treated, but fails to mention how was he and his family have done to me and my family. He doesn’t get it. See it’s all fine in Tommos world. He forgets alot. He forgets that hes never paid me a penny for any work I did for him, he forgets his son got arrested and convicted for assault when I went to collect 7 pigeons from him, he forgets he has made it his business to spread vile rumours about me (which I still get thrown at me) he forgets my car was set on fire 70 minutes after I had a disagreement with him about the money he owed me. Thats the trouble with liars, to be a good one, you have to have a great memory. Something Tommo lacks in. 

So we all know by now that while the man struggles to breath there will be lies coming out his mouth. The self proclaimed most honest, open and man of integrity is really just an out an out liar.  And people now see him for what he really is. His winter race entries were a disaster, just 204 out of the 600 he was hoping for, and 30 of them are venture pigeons he didn’t manage to sell at auction, which after saying money doesn’t interest him any more, he then went on to tell people if they wanted their unsold auction pigeons it would cost them a tenner to cover the cost of photos lol . Ohh Tommo. Really? 

We will wait to see how many of the 2000 maximum pigeons he will get entered in 2024. My guess it will be no where near the amount he wants. After all he knows the public has lost faith in him and his lies and bullshit, why else would he only guarantee the first prize of £40,000 and not the entire prize money as he lied about doing last year?

So there you have it. He admitted he lied, again. 

The big question though… 

How can Who Dares Wins INTERNATIONAL Race legally be an international race in 2024? Surely he will be on DEFRAS radar now… 

Im sure more lies and bullshit will ensue. We will have to see. 

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