Why No Actual Entry Numbers Announced?

As the self proclaimed ‘most open, honest and transparent’ man in the pigeon sport keeps telling us he is always telling people exactly what he knows when he knows it. etc etc etc, bullshit, bullshit and a bit more bullshit…. Why does he refuse to tell people exactly how many entries he has in his 2024 race? 

He keeps saying entries are far better than last year.. He keeps saying people will be surprised …

So, why does he refuse to say how many entires towards the 2000 limit he actually has? 

Well its could be a few reasons… 

1. He actually doesn’t have that many. And doesn’t want people to know. 

2. If he doesn’t have at least 1500 entires for next year he won’t be able to pay what he paid out last year. 

3. There is a reason he only guaranteed the first prize of £40,00 this year… That reason is he was worried he wouldn’t hit 1500 paid entries… 

We all know if he hits 1500 entries he will then spout about the full prize money being guaranteed… Like he tried to do last year. (He only said the prize money was guaranteed when he had 1,500)

All other OLRs are saying openly how many entires they have and how many spots are still available.,. Why Not Gary Tommo Tomlinson and Who Dares I Win?

Based on last years entries he needs to have 1,500 paid entires to match the numbers from last year. I will be surpirsed if he gets more than that.. People are seeing him for what he is and his bullshit is wearing thin. 

As usual, let’s see if he actually tries to baffle everyone with bullshit, or he will actually tell people how many entries he has.. 

We will see…. 

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