Gary Tomlinson. Who Dares Wins International One Loft Race. The Pioneer? (follower, sheep, or bully)

Gary Tomlinson / Who Dares Wins International One Loft Race.

The Pioneer? (or just a follower, sheep, bully.)

Yes, thats Pioneer, PIONEER Racing Pigeons 🙂

Not happy with following my forward thinking and deciding to do his own live “show” on a Monday night at exactly the same time as I used to do. (Some say a show, others say just a promotional hour for his race and trying to demonstrate how honest, transparent and what integrity he and his family have. The follower (or sheep) has now decided to call his new pigeon stud “Pioneer Racing Pigeons.” He knows full well this is my 16 year old sons name and the name of his website showing his journey in the sport. 

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but in this case this is just the follower or sheep following the leaders in a pathetic attempt to try and annoy us or maybe it’s just him trying to bully us as he normally tries to do with many people. The funny thing is I and others just laugh at the pathetic excuse of a man.

(Some people may read this and think it’s pathetic of Tommo. Some may read it and ask why I bother and think I’m pathetic for even posting this, but here’s the thing. Tommo is used to getting his own way, he is used to people backing down and not questioning him. Although compared to other things on this page this is laughable and nothing serious it just demonstrated the type of man he is. So despite people thinking this is childish from both sides, I feel these laughable things show this mans true colours. He has his supporters, who no matter what he does will always support him. This page is not for those people. This is for people who don’t know too much about him or people who do know of him who have no opinion who maybe would like to make their own decisions after reading everything about him, his family and his race.

(Be sure to have a look at the original Pioneer Pigeons. My son Zandie, who’s 16 years old and runs which shows his journey to becoming a champion in the racing pigeon sport.