I offered Gary Tomlinson a proposal to end things. He declined. Again.​

24th March 2022 – After Gary Tomlinsons settled his legal dispute with the British Masters One Loft Race earlier this week I thought I would try again to resolve issues between him and I. (This is my third attempt and I swore I wouldn’t try again, but I’m a persistent man who always tries to do the right thing so I thought I would try one last time. This time via his solicitor Aaron Wood, who always seems to be able to answer emails even in the evenings for his client Mr Tomlinson.

So I sent Mr Woods a heads up I was planning to send24th  a proposal. 

Then he sent me another email prior to my proposal. 

“In order to be able to review this proposal I need to know at least some idea of the level of money you are seeking.”

A weird response I thought but I prepared the proposal anyway. 

This is the proposal I sent below: 

I felt it was a fair proposal given the circumstance. But I had a feeling Tomlinson would reject it as he hasn’t wanted to pay me a penny yet so why would he now? Well I was right. He declined the offer. He didn’t offer a counter claim. 

Disappointing, Life is too short to have to deal with this man and his bullying any more. But it is what it is. It wasn’t the last of the conversation though. his solicitor wanted to know if I wanted this email proposal to be without prejudice. I confirmed I didn’t want that as I wanted it as an open communication and for the courts to be able to see I had tried to resolve the issue before it goes to court.  Like I have said I have nothing to hide. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. 

Life is indeed too short for all this B.S. But I guess I will just carry on playing his games and alternative bullying tactics now being done by him and his solicitors.

The first court hearing date is scheduled for the 15th Jun 2022.