One last try? I should have known better.

26th October 2021

In retrospect it was a stupid idea. Either way I decided to try and finish outstanding issues between us. This didn’t mean Iaccept or forgive the actions of Tommo and his family towards my family and I but sometime even “enemies” can sometime agree to disagree and move on. This was my intention with the email I sent to Tommo on the 19th October 2021. Life is too short for continuing issues like this to be going on and my life and direction on things I’m working on are changing going into next year. And life I said in the email, life is too short for hassle. 

I received no reply from him. 

This is the third time in 18 months I have tried to resolve outstanding issues between us. It will be the very last time. 

The mans ego is way too big and his attitude is way too neanderthal to ever want to resolve issues I guess. 

Enough is enough with this situation. It’s a shame, as part of my reasoning for trying to resolve issues was that as we are coming up to show season we will be in the same places as each other. This is of no concern to me, but far from ideal for my son Zandie who still has major issues about our experiences with the Tomlinson family. 

I tried and that is that. No more trying. Im done with trying. So be it.