How much do peanuts cost? WDW Auctions

“Tommo” Posted this a few days ago. Someone needs to ask him how much peanuts cost. 

Some facts: 

* Tommo paid me nothing to run his 2019 online auction. I guess peanuts cost nothing.

* Tommo made over £8000 from the auction in 2019. 

* I paid to run the auction and set it up out of my own pocket.

* Tommo’s new best friend and all round tech ‘genius’ Tom Swift worked with me and advised me last year on the auction software. It did have some issues but still made over £16,000 and £165 average per pigeon

* Tom Swift has setup and is running the auction for Tommo this year. He is also using the same software to run it as last year but the site seems to be running fine. 

* In the interests of transparency  and being the “most transparent OLR in Europe” I’m sure Tommo will tell everyone how many pigeons he personally bid on in this year and how many he won once the auction is finished.