More Tomlinson “Facts” But what’s the reality?​

For some reason Tomlinson seems to like putting random WDW facts out. This fact released a few days ago still continues to maintain his WDW Auction site was HACKED (It wasn’t , the site just couldn’t handle the traffic, but it’s far more powerful to play the victim and say it was hacked.)

He makes a point of saying his average sale price per pigeon for the top 55 pigeons was £502. Why the top 55 pigeons? He couldn’t be trying to have a go at a rival OLR could he? Either way his facts are slightly skewed. He failed to mention that the 1st lot was sold for £12,000 and it was as we know purchased by him using a random bidding name and not his own. So he pays £12,000 for it, but in real terms it only costs £6000 for him. So without the number one pigeon being sold and bid on by him the average price per pigeon in the top 55 would be £289. which means the net amount to each original owner would be £144.50 and not £251. Compared to another auction that happened on a major world wide auction site where the top 55 pigeons averaged £720 each and even after auction fees would net an average of £234 per pigeon. £144.50 vs £234.  hmm. The irony is that Tomlinson makes these facts up, but when people post actual third party facts about the amount of pigeons he gets back from training and races in his OLR they are not correct at all and people are just trying to harm him. Fact.