The REAL TRUTH about Gary Tomlinson, Who Dares Wins and British Masters OLR.

22nd March 2022 – During Gary Tomlinsons ‘show’ last night he spoke complete lies about the FACTS and his relationship with the British Masters One Loft Race. 

He thinks because he had a confidentiality clause in the final agreement that the Sullivan brothers who own the British Masters race cannot discuss anything about the settlement and agreement. 

And he is correct, they CAN’T say anything about it without being threatened to be taken back to court.  They will not speak about it.

But he is also taking me to court and I have made no such agreement or signed anything relating to confidentiality and as a party to the case he is bringing against me and previously the other parties I have access to all documents and agreements as part of the court case. So I know the REAL FACTS about what happened and why the British Masters OLR isn’t running in 2022. 

Watch the video below and see for yourself the REAL TRUTH and REAL FACTS. 

(PLEASE NOTE: This post and video have been done by me and me alone. I despise the fact that Tomlinson feels he is able to openly lie about things because of terms he put in an agreement. Lee and Ian Sullivan are not aware that I have made this video and have not be consulted in anyway about it.)

UPDATE 4th July 2022... Tomlinson finally admits he was lying and did take the British Masters to court about a leaflet.....

Truth is powerful, and it prevails. Traffic over the last 12 months.