Meet Gary Tomlinsons latest puppet. Ronald Jackson

Gary Tomlinson has a new puppet recruit. Ronald Jackson. 

He decided to “take my previous videos apart” and address each point. 

The two videos from Ronald Jackson:

Sad that Ronald has been pulled into this rubbish really. Even worse that he believes Tomlinson and his vile rumours. (Vile rumours that try to deflect the fact that his new mate is an out and out liar. (See Gary Tomlinson lying through his teeth about him and British masters Race here.)

Despite saying to myself I wouldn’t do any more videos relating to the matter I felt compelled to respond and correct Ronalds inaccuracies and lies told by his new mate Tomlinson. 

My response and correction of the inaccuracies is below:

Like I keep saying. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. 

Tomlinsons has much to hide and hates people exposing his false totally honest, open and transparent narrative that he keeps telling everyone he is.  

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