Harassment?!? Tommo seems to think so. I’ve been reported to the police

26th November 2020.

I had a phone call from Leicestershire police asking me to attend an interview under caution in connection with accusations of harassment by Gary Tomlinson. No, this is not a joke. The “hard man” bully Tomlinson is now showing his true colours once again. It appears even bullies like him will try and use the police to help them in their bullying ways.

Harassment… According o the UK government the definition of harassment is “”the legal definition of harassment also includes making “someone feel intimidated” by their personal comments. There are multiple definitions of harassment, but it occurs when an individual acts or says things towards another person with the intent to offend.”

Ridiculous considering I haven’t spoken to the man in over 6 months since trying to collect 7 pigeons he owns my son. 


Now we know Tomlinson is is no way intimidated by me as he has said it many times, and if he is offended by the facts on this site maybe he should look at his and his families actions?

I will be only too pleased to provide the police with all the information on the deliberate attempts by Tomlinson to spread hate and untruths about me. I will also insist that this site will stay live and continue to provide information to people who care to look about the other side of Tomlinson and his family. 

It’s ironic that Leicestershire police chose not to speak to Tomlinson about the fire bombing of my car back in April yet seemingly want to act on BS allegations made by a bullying fool.  Funny old life isn’t it. 

 I’m going in to speak to the police tomorrow and am looking forward to the interview and will post an update here. 

27th November - Police Interview Update.

I attended a police interview this morning. Apparently Tomlinson think this site is is harassing and causing him and his family hurt and suffering and it’s effecting his good name. I think it’s a case of embarrassment that full facts and truths are published about him. After showing the police all the things Tomlinson has posted about me on social media I think it’s even more ridiculous he has gone to the police to report this website. 


Listen to my police interview below. Nothing to hide here.

I will post an update here when I hear from the police.

10th December 2020 - No Further Action

I had a call from he police today to inform me there would be no further action taken with the accusations of harassment. Yet another attempt by bully boy Tomlinson to silence his detractors and people who actually stand up to him that didn’t work. 

This website will continue to stay online (It was always going to no matter what the outcome of any police action as a result of Tomlinson) and it will continue to highlight just what a horrible piece of work he and his family really are. 

He’s failed at trying to use the police in his quest to bully and intimidate me, Will this man one day learn that lying and thinking you can do what you want when you feel like it to people won’t work? Maybe he will realise one day. Maybe not.