September Update

Gary Tomlinson continues to try to bully and intimidate me and my family. Despite making over £100,000 from this years 2020 Who Dares Wins race, as a result of doubling his entries which I helped to do (he got 720 entries in 2019) he had yet to still pay me a single penny for any of the work I have done for me and continues to owe me many thousands of pounds. 

I have 4 outstanding complaints against G&A Tomlinson lodged with the RPRA and I await a hearing to determine them. 

There is a not hardly a week goes by when the man doesn’t mention or attack me on his weekly “show.” I say show as its really just an advert for his race and to demonstrate what a transparent and up front genuine guy he really is. 

Just last week he slandered me on his show saying total untruths about me. The guy seems obsessed. I guess this obsession is based on the fact I refuse to be bullied by him. The man is used to bullying people and them backing down. That’s how he operates. The obsession with trying to turn people against me is also a great way of diverting peoples attention from the actual situation and what he is.

He pretends to be a man of the pigeon people, a working class guy, a miner, salt of the earth etc etc. But really, he is all about the money and how much he can make. He will be your best friend, until he doesn’t need you any more. Then you either shut up or he will try and bully you into shutting up. Most people shut up. 

The trouble is, Tomlinson doesn’t know how to deal with people he tries to bully who stand up to him who don’t use their fists. If you are a smart person who doesn’t result to physical threats and threats of violence, someone who uses their head instead of their fists he is stumped. He also gets very paranoid. His paranoia has made him accuse me of hacking into his computers and much more. Like I have time or the knowledge to do that. What I do have however is intelligence to make sure people know about how he really is.

Remember all of this happened when the man has made over £100K this year from his race, decided in January that he was going to hit his target of 1500 entries and he didn’t need my services any more and subsequently started bad mouthing me on social media. This led to him engineering a way of making sure I didn’t earn any money from entires in the race I was owed. Thats how money grabbing the guy is. 

There are many things this “man” has done in the past months, too many to mention, many of them have effected my family and in particular my 16 year old son Zandie, who’s in his first year of the pigeon sport. I can handle Tomlinson’s attacks against me, doesn’t bother me, but when he effects my young son it makes things very personal. 

For me, it’s gone way past just what money the man hasn’t paid me, it’s about making sure people know the full story and the man they call “Tommo”.

One part of this process is using the forthcoming RPRA hearing to demonstrate just what Tomlinson has done. No matter what the outcome of this RPRA hearing I’m sure he will continue to try and bully and manipulate people. Just not me.