Robert Tomlinson Says He Can Get A Car Set On Fire For £50.

What could be more worrying or disturbing than Gary Tomlinson being accused of offering someone £2000 to burn someones car out?

Well that would be Robert Tomlinson while messaging Anthony Coburn after the above post that he “Knows for a fact I could get a car burned our for less than £50 no problem.”

What kind of man is Robert Tomlinson? Not a very nice one if he knows for a fact that he can have peoples cars burnt out for £50. 

This is the kind of family the Tomlinson family REALLY are. 


Was it one of Robert Tomlinsons £50 associates who set my car on fire in April 2020, 70 minutes after I had a conversation with his Dad about not paying me for all the work I did for him? 

I guess we have no way of knowing.

Truth is powerful, and it prevails.