Independent Final Race Marking?​

WDW OLR is FCI registered and as part of FCI rules all one loft race final basketing should be attended by an FCI representative (An RPRA official.) It looks like  the RPRA representative couldn’t attend and Tommo drafts in other people to help. I stated on the video here that two of the three race markers were “independent witnesses” for the race marking. This is impossible and another lie by Tomlinson as two of the three people helping to mark the pigeons had 4 pigeons in the final race. (Also the ring numbers of the pigeon should be read from the pigeon and verified on the ETS system, not the other way round.)

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying the two people in question are in any way in the wrong or have done anything wrong. What I am demonstrating is another lie by Tomlinson).