RPRA Appeal and Final Results. (A total whitewash and joke.)​

The long awaited outcome of my RPRA hearing against Tomlinson was a total whitewash. I went along the Derbyshire meeting on 22nd of June and after a bunch of lies from Tomlinson, whilst also feeling silenced and being told I was unable to mention any legal issues I had with him this happened. 

Yes, I was to get a sever reprimand for ungentlemanly conduct and for bringing the sport into disrepute. AND I was told I was unable to talk about it on social media or any other means. 

I was not able to talk about unresolved business contracts or anything. The same contracts the regional meeting said were of no concern to them. 

Have the Derbyshire members ever heard of freedom of speech? I guess not. 

After asking them to confirm that non of the three issues I had brought to the RPRA against Tomlinson were to be judged on I was told that that was their decision and that was it. 

So then on to the main council appeal. 

A month or so later the hearing was re heard, at this time the Derbyshire RPRA representative Steve Reed joined Tommo at the meeting. My son had decided this time he would be my witness but very quickly Mr Reed who was sitting right next to Tommo said it wasnt allowed as he wasn’t a witness previously. 

I promptly asked in what capacity Mr Reed was attending the meeting and sitting on the same table as Tommo. He said he was representing the region. He was swiftly told he was only there as a witness to confirm any previous meetings happenings and asked to sit at the back. 

The conclusion. A total waste of time. After deliberation the council members decided it was a civil matter and the RPRA could not get involved. Plus the regional meeting decision was not in effect. 

So my freedom of speech is restored but Tommo still has 7 birds that are my sons and the other issues not addresses. 

Like I said a total waste of time and whitewash. 

Tommo clearly loved the outcome. 

However, I note during both meetings he called this AskTommo.com site “illegal” I’m still waiting to receive legal notice of his issues with this site.