Gary Tomlinson. The Puppet Master and spreader of vile rumours?​

Then Lois Ryan decides to get involved. Lois is Rob Tomlinsons new fiance and seems to know a lot about RPRA rules and seems to know how the appeal meeting was handled. During the meeting Mr Tomlinson was there. Why would he be there? He actually left the room when I spoke and when I got the decision, but he did go back in during the decision process, I assume it was to be able to tell Mr Langham what was said. 

It was also commented that I sat and had a drink with an RPRA official. I did. I was pleased to see Mr Ian Evans the CEO of the RPRA, He was speaking to the committee prior to my hearing and after he finished I had a chat and drink with him for about half an hour. Someone in the post replies seemed to think this was wrong. I have no idea why. Mr Evans was no part of the hearing at all. 

The irony is the Lois Ryan talked about non biased members. She perhaps forgets the prior RPRA hearing with her new father in law to be?. 

The disturbing part of this whole thing are some of the reactions and replies that came after Mr Langhams post. 

Trevor Taylor doesn’t seem to like me… 🙁 

Derek Tierney suggests they should just drag me our of my house and “do me in” Im a scumbag. 

My conclusion to this is that Gary Tomlinson and his family are trying to pull the strings behind this issue. I think they are totally responsible for Mr Langham changing his mind and deciding not to apologise to me. Just another example of Tomlinsons true personality and ways.