How many pulled out exactly?

Someone sent me this from Facebook earlier:

According to the self proclaimed “Mr transparent Tommo” his race was sold out in 7 weeks this year. (Great publicity and marketing?) But as some may have expected some teams have now “pulled out.” Covid, financial issues etc… We get it, times are hard at the moment. But exactly how many teams have pulled out of the race and how many spaces are available? 

If “Gary cant afford for anymore people dropping out” the amount must be quite high right? After all with 1500 entries the man stands to make over £125,000 this year… (But it’s not about he money)

I’m sure Mr transparent will say exactly how many entries are available in the race on tonights show. After all that would be the most transparent thing to do right? At least hopefully participants who were disappointed to not be able to get in previously will know if they have a chance of competing now..