The 2021 WDW race “lottery” odds just got bigger. Is Tommo for real?

Who Dares Wins One Loft Race 1861 pigeons, not 1500

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25th April 2021

When you enter a one loft race like Who Dares Wins ran by Gary Tomlinson and are told the maximum entry for that years race is 1500 pigeons you expect it to be 1500 pigeons. 

Imagine paying your £500 to enter 3 birds thinking you have a 1 in 500 chance of winning you know the lottery odds. 

Many times “Tommo” has repeated that the maximum birdage for 2021 is 1500. However it now seems that has changed. He has publicly stated there are “over 1800 pigeons in the lofts” since he has closed entries and Benzing online is shows there are 1861 pigeons in the lofts. 

How can this be fair? 

So with over 1800 pigeons in the loft thats another £50,000 worth of entries in his bank account. 20% more pigeons than he said would be in the lofts to compete against. Surely you would expect the price money to be increased by 20%? After all he is the man of honesty, integrity and transparency right? But no, the prize money is still £103,000 total. So another £50,000 worth of entry money into his pocket instead which sets him up to have a bumper profit year of over £150,000. 

Now he will say that the extra entries are because he had to give free entires to people due to losing so many birds before training commenced last year. But over 300 free entries? Really?

And surely those free entires should be counted into the total 1500 entries? It appears not as this would obviously effect the profits of the 2021 race, something that could never be allowed to happen. 

So now if you have one bird in the race you have a 0.053735% chance of winning instead of a 0.066667% chance of winning, 20% more odds stacked against you. But that’s fair right?

I really don’t know how Gary Tomlinson continues to get away with pulling these money grabbing, sleazy things. His hardcore fan base can’t be that blinded by his bullshit can they? 

Hopefully people outside of his little fan base will realise what the guy is really like. 

Let’s see how many of the 1861 pigeons this master pigeon racer and guru gets to the final this year. Hopefully more than the artificial 26% he got to 2020’s final (Don’t know what Im talking about, read one, 50 birds miraculously appeared for the final, which put him from 23% to 26% of entires to the final which at the time put him over the FCI’s minimum requirements, an organisation he no longer belongs to as he was the first race in FCI history to withdraw himself from the organisation.) 

Remember though. This “man” is not in it for the money, the extra £10,000’s of in income is not what he does this for. He does it for the love of the sport and to help people…..

I’ll await another call from the police for further accusations of harassment from him for making people aware of what he is really like. 

(I’m still waiting for my RPRA hearing date too, patience… Good things come to those who wait and won’t be intimate or bullied in anyway. So I will keep waiting.)