Cease & Desist​

10th December 2021 – UPDATE

Instead of replying to my cease and desist orders like he should he has now chosen to start harassing another OLR who I have done work for. This guy really doesn’t get it. 

Tommo… If you are reading this, you need to respond to ME about how you are using my work which still remains unpaid and you need to STOP using it!

And stop harassing my clients (who paid me upfront for my work)…

6th December 2021

After seeing much of my work being used in the BHW and online I have sent cease and desist notices to Tomlinson by email and post today. None of the work, including but not limited to my RPI logo, my DVD design, the WDW logo and roller banner design are being used without permission and all of this work is unpaid for. 

He has until the 13th December 2021 to respond and stop using my owned material. 


Copies of the cease and desist notices are below: 

C&D 1 – here

C&D 2 – here

C&D 3 – here

C&D 4 – here

C&D 5 – here

Let’s hope he stops using unpaid for and copyrighted work.