RPRA Hearing Update

2nd January 2021.

Today ‘should’ have been the day of the hearing against G&A Tomlinson, however a few days ago I was informed that the meeting has once again been cancelled due to the covid situation. 

To say I was disappointed was an understatement, after all I have been waiting to get this RPRA hearing finally done since April 2020. 

The email stated: 

“Morning Mark,

Sorry to have to inform you but the meetings which were to be held on Saturday have been cancelled, G & A Tomlinson have declined to take part by zoom and also due to the fact that the RPRA have postponed their AGM until it can be held in the normal manner.

Also I have learnt that the General meeting agenda was posted on the internet by yourself I presume, General meetings of the Region are for Region Committee members only plus appellants when necessary.”

So there you have it, another waiting game. who knows how long this will take until I can finally get “Tommo” in front of the RPRA. 

A few points about the above. I have NEVER posted any meeting agenda online, I have only ever posted the new date of the RPRA hearing(s) on here. 

The main point that got me thinking was the “G&A Tomlinson have declined to take part by zoom.” 

Why on earth would Tommo decline to have the RPRA hearing done via online video instead? Surely he is as eager to get these matters dealt with as quickly as possible as I am?

Then I thought: 

Maybe he doesn’t have the technical knowledge to operate zoom? – Surely not, he’s a video live streaming legend now, since working with me and getting all my knowledge and marketing for free, he is the king of online video. So that can’t be. 

Maybe he wants to see me face to face again in the same room, so he can try to intimidate me and stress my son out even more? – Surely not, he’s not stupid enough to think he can intimidate me any more? Nahh, that cant be it. 

Maybe he wants to keep breeding as many young birds for the 7 pigeons he still owes my son? Maybe, but surely not, he’s got loads of pigeons in his new stud now, surely he’s not relying on having those 7 birds still?

Maybe he needs to be live in person in a room and use his charisma and charm to win over the RPRA members? Maybe that’s it, maybe he’s worried being online won’t show his man of the people caring nature who only cares about the pigeon sport, isn’t in the sport for money at all and he wouldn’t get that over enough online… 

Maybe he’s worried about me recording the zoom meeting? and letting people who can’t attend in person see the whole thing. After all we know he hates people hearing about things he doesn’t want people to know about online..

Maybe he figures he will string this thing long enough so he makes sure he pulls in another £250,000 in 2021 from his race before any RPRA hearing happens? (covid is his helper you know, and realistically this hearing may not happen for 4-5 months) by which time his “sold out” race for 2021 will have netted him another £100k+. Maybe..

Maybe he needs to gather more support from people and keep demonstrating what a nice guy he really is, after all we know he thinks (because he keeps telling everyone who will listen that I’m  just a con man who keeps putting everything up he doesn’t want his loyal fans to know about? 

Maybe he will explain why he doesn’t want to conclude this hearing online during his Monday night shows? No, come on Mark, you know he has never mentioned anything about the RPRA hearing or this website on his shows. It will never happen. Only good positive Tommo related news on his ‘show.’ So that won’t happen..

Or Maybe he’s just being as difficult as he can, using this as another subtle control play to keep things with this horrible excuse for a man going for my family and I and gets a kick out of playing games and not having to face the music. That’s probably it. He has very few more cards to play in this whole sorry situation and this is another way he can still feel in control for a bit longer. 

For the record I am totally up to get the RPRA hearing done via video conference anytime and day as I would like it for my family and I not to have to have this man feature as any part of our lives in 2021. 2020 was partly dominated by this bullying excuse for a pigeon man. Him deciding not to pay me a penny is one thing, but some of the tricks he has tried to pull in the last 9 months are to a new level of pathetic. The stress he has caused my 17 year old son Zandie and my partner Gabi is off the scale. I don’t want 2021 to be the same. 

Saying that despite his best efforts this site WILL NOT come down. You see, it’s no longer anything to do with the money he conned me out of, We are way past that, if it makes him feel better about himself he can keep the £5,000 he owes me. (The 7 pigeons he owes my son are a different matter, you do something against my son and it’s a different) To be honest though I would rather Gary gives my son the £880 I paid on his behalf for the 7 pigeons now. Zandie doesn’t want them and who knows how many “venture birds” have been bred out of them since we brought them in November 2019. The £880 would be much better spent in his racing and looking after the great pigeons he has got from the lovely proper pigeon people he has since met. 

So to be clear this RPRA hearing is about bring G&A Tomlinson to account for their despicable behaviour as outlined on this website, the attempted fraud of transferring pigeons into his name without my permission etc and the terrible behaviour of A Tomlinson against my son back in June last year. Yes, Tommo knows lots of people around these parts, and yes it may go against me (although I feel strongly with all the evidence I have he should be suspended or banned from the RPRA) but either way it needs to be done as this man is very used to people not standing up to him.. And like I have said many times before on this website, That will never happen. You can only be bullied if you allow yourself to be bullied and I refuse to be bullied by Tommo or his mates.  Every dog has his day and trust me I will have my day in front of the RPRA to show them just what this “man” really is like. Hopefully, if this horrible covid situation des get better as many people will be at the hearing as possible to hear it too. 

I will keep this site updated with any information I get as to when the RPRA hearing will finally happen. 


During the last few weeks I have heard of very disturbing rumours about me and my past from “friends of Tommo” via third parties. It appears, after exhausting all his efforts he has resorted to spreading vile rumour about me and my past.  It’s a good job people who know me, people who really know me stand up to the horrible drivel being spilled out of Tommo’s bullying mind to his followers and disciples and put them straight. All of this is being documented and will be submitted to the RPRA hearing to demonstrate what a bullying, horrible sick man Tommo really is. 

It’s sad that this hearing is once again delayed, ever more sad that it could be months and months until it actually happens. Not sad for me, I can wait. What I am sad for is for my son Zandie who was looking forward to this all being over with so he could get on with the new year of 2021 and look forward to concentrating purely on his pigeons and not having to think about pigeon sport bullies like Tommo.