2023 Irish entries and quarantine?

We have all been told by the conman, liar and general bully boy Tomlinson that he is an official quarantine station. However, why is he not publicising his new quarantine premises are actually being used? Why would he not announce to the world that he fetched 130 pigeons from Ireland two days ago? Are the … Read more

Meet Gary Tomlinsons latest puppet. Ronald Jackson

Gary Tomlinson has a new puppet recruit. Ronald Jackson.  He decided to “take my previous videos apart” and address each point.  The two videos from Ronald Jackson: https://youtu.be/1nZv5mr-yKkhttps://youtu.be/6x3oLyCsW4U Sad that Ronald has been pulled into this rubbish really. Even worse that he believes Tomlinson and his vile rumours. (Vile rumours that try to deflect the … Read more