Gary Tomlinson wants an injunction against and £50,000 in damages.

Watch the video above. But from the limited amount of pages I have read at the moment (There is hundreds of pages!) Gary Tomlinsons from Who Dares Wins Race wants an injunction via the high court in London to get removed. 

And he is claiming £50,000 in damages for harassment and pain and suffering to him and his family. 

He seems to forget about all the stress he has caused my family and I. 

Once again. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Although it seems Tomlinson doesn’t see it like that. 

He made this post about an hour before:

He NAIVELY thinks spending over £3000 submitting these documents to the court means he is a lot less stressed now.  

I will go through the papers when I feel better and see what lies and B.S. the man is now saying. 

Mark Lyford

Never back down to bullies...... NEVER....

See why he wants this site removing. This is a video of him lying two weeks ago about him and the British Masters Race

The REAL TRUTH about Gary Tomlinson, Who Dares Wins and British Masters OLR.

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