When is a two-bird average competition NOT a two bird AVERAGE competition?

The answer….. When Gary Tomlinson and family say it’s not… 

Once again the Tomlinson family make their own rules. 

The definition of average in sporting terms: 

“A ratio expressing the average performance especially of a sports team or an athlete computed according to the number of opportunities for successful performance.”

Well, the word average in the Who Dares Wins race means nothing of the sort.. 

Instead Gary Tomlinson and family insist that the “Two Bird Average” £2,000 prize is to be awarded to the winner of the the first person to have two birds back in the final race. 

OK, so where does the word average even come into it? Well, it doesn’t… 

Instead, the winner of the £2,000 this year is the Tomlinson families number one Irish fan Mr Stephen O”Brien. The same O’brien who seemingly would back the family and the race no matter what they do or say. 

The actual REAL WINNER OF THE TWO BIRD AVERAGE is a man called Garret Hensey who had the best two birds with the best speeds over the entire race. 

This fact was expressed by my friend Maurice o’Donnell. (Despite it being very unpopular to be a supporter of mine, Maurice is also very aware of how Tomlinson never paid me for my work and getting physical threats of violence as a result of him speaking out he has decided to speak out against Tomlinson and the family. This, I thank Maurice for. Many people are intimidated by the Tomlinson family, but not Maurice. Maurice’s opinions hold a lot of weight in the OLR scene globally , because he is a word class competitor in one loft races around the world. So now its not just me telling people about this family and their ways, a well respected flier is also doing it too.)

Maurice posted this on Facebook a few days ago: 


Maurices post prompted a very quick amendment and addition into the official Who Dares Wins Race rules:

This post promoted a lot of response from people with different opinions. 

But more importantly it prompted this post from Annette Tomlinson, which someone sent me from with the Who Dares Wins Race private FB group:

Great. They are doing the right thing for once and paying the man who should have been the winner… Well no… 

The above post is now removed and replaced by this:

The clip in question talks about NEXT YEARS race in 2023.. Not 2022.

So as Tomlinson says below, no, it’s not clear in the video. The video is talking about future races.

My guess is the real winner of the competition won’t now be paid out the £2,000. Who knows…

So there you go. Another example of how nothing with the Tomlinson family and the Who Dares Wins race is as it seems. And another example of how the family love to post things one day and remove them the next. 

So, beware when you think you maybe entering a 2 bird AVERAGE competition, you may not be entering it as you would expect. 

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