A BIG announcement from Gary Tomlinson and Dares Wins One Loft Race

So last night Gary Tomlinson had a big announcement about this years Who Dares Wins OLR. Here is the video:

In case you just want the highlights and don’t want to watch it all here they are: 

The whole family have made a “big decision” that they are increasing the prize money for the 2022 race by £7,000. Guaranteed (because they have the entires)


Why have they done it? 

The reason they have done it is because over the last few weeks and months they have been put under a lot of pressure and strain. 

They want to say thank you to the people who have stuck by them and not listened to the rubbish being said about Gary, his family and his race. 


This is their way of saying thank you to those people


Very shortly it will be proven who is telling the truth and who is not.


He guarantees people now infant of everyone he is no liar. 


He will prove that his family, their integrity etc etc have done nothing wrong. And they certainly haven’t lied. 


That also includes what he being accused of by other people jumping on the bandwagon channelling their race. NO THEY DID NOT…. (Struggling here to say what he means)


He says thanks to  “All the people out there” who have stuck by him, Annette, Rob and Lois for sticking by them , thanks for believing him. 

You are all on a winner


Thing will all be proven. Onwards and upwards. 

he thinks 2022 is going to be a great year for his race. 


One thing is for sure his families name will be cleared. That’s what matters more to him than anything. 


Lie after lies. He’s not saying more than that. It will all come out eventually. 


His ‘shows’ will not be being done until all “this rubbish is cleared up” I hopes and expects that things will come to a head and be either proven right or wrong within the next few weeks. He wants stop do the shows again, but at the minute his minds not right because of what is happen. Different footage is being edited, things are being distorted about what he is meaning. No more shows until this mess is sorted out which will be in the “very near future” 


Let’s move forward together and see where we all finish up. 


He has other things going on that need sorting out first. 


As a family they have decided as a joint decision to increase the prize money to £110,000.


Onwards and upwards. 


There is still room in the race if anyone wants to put entires in. 


So that’s the highlights. Someone replied to the video and Gary was very sure in his response  to the “dodgy rumours and smiley faces and all that rubbish”

Gary is sure to assure the man that there is “nothing dodgy here mate,” He says it as it is. No rumours, but honest facts and he will prove hit. He hopes the man says sorry what he does. 

He goes on to reassure the man “it will all be proven”

My Take On Things:

  • I’m not entirely sure what there is left to be proven.
  • They have only upped the prize money and said its guaranteed as they know based on numbers they have in at the moment they will have a total of £181,335 coming in, so leaving them with at least £70,00 for expenses and wages and they know they will get more entries in. 
  • He’s doing this to “thank his supporters for sticking by them and not listening to the rubbish.”  I think that translates to “we need to do something to try and turn this things around”
  • He says he will guarantee people he is not a liar. He’s forgetting he has already been proven to be a liar. 
  • He’s doing no more shows until this mess is cleared up. I have no idea how he thinks this will all be cleared up within a few weeks. 
  • He says different footage is being edited and things are being distorted about what he is means. There is no editing of any videos done here. I have all the original videos where I have cut things from. So not sure what he thinks has been edited. 

He does have a easy way of proving he is telling the truth though..

The REAL TRUTH about Gary Tomlinson, Who Dares Wins and British Masters OLR.

2 thoughts on “A BIG announcement from Gary Tomlinson and Dares Wins One Loft Race”

  1. Mark he Snookered himself an now all this rubbish upping prizemoney to make himself look good honestly there’s very foolish people that has pigeons in his olr maybe there hand’s are tied too keep quiet with having entries It’s a Good time to hit him with the lie detector can’t see him going through with it lol he’s probably thinking more Court Action he hates hearing the truth about himself but he only brings it on himself

  2. There is no reason for him to NOT take the lie detector test. He says he has nothing to hide. I think you are right though. I don’t think for one minute he will accept the invite.


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