Johnny Langham, Gary Tomlinsons follower and spreader of vile, horrible and disgusting rumours messaged me at 1:40AM on Facebook. He then removed the message and blocked me again. I am taking this very seriously.

At 1:40AM over the weekend I got a message from Johnny Langham. A very worrying and stressful message: 

Some people may question why I would even publish such a horrible and vile message with hints of accusations like this. Well, like I have said before. I have nothing to hide. 

Johnny Langham is a self confessed “friend” of Tomlinsons and I know for a fact (although I can’t prove it) that Tomlinson is the instigator and spreader of these vile rumours. 

Johnny Langham says he has “digged deeper on the dark web and it was incredible” making it sound like he has found out information about me that means he wasn’t just basing his vile and horrid accusations about me based on a sentence in my book he took out of context. 

For the avoidance of doubt and for people who don’t know the background to this particular Tomlinson puppet, Langham publicly said had previously not dealt in porn business, but child porn. 

The lowest of the low and something that I can’t think of as being any more serious and low life to be accused of. 

You will read the message yourself and see what I mean. This is beyond a joke now. People get things in their mind and it sticks. 

As I have said before I have no issue with people having a problem with me for things I HAVE done, but Ill be damned if I’m going to stand by and let people accuse me of such vile sickening things. 

This rumour and the bullshit Tomlinson and his puppets keep stating about me being a con man are things they spread while having no proof. 

And Tomlinson has the cheek to say how stressful things are for him and his family. The man is a dog, he is lowest of the low. Despite how much I truly hate the man and his family for the stress and everything he has put my family and I through I would never think of spreading vile and horrible rumours and lies about him like this. 

This is how low life the man is and unfortunately for me he has puppets that believe anything he says. He talks about how his family have been effected by me exposing him and his lies and what his family are really like. Yet he and his puppets chose to spread vile, horrible and fake rumours about me like this. Can you imagine how I feel? Disgusting behaviour.

Johnny Langhams message has been sent to the RPRA because he is appealing his two year suspension from the RPRA and it has also been sent to the police for further investigation. 

Tomlinson has a lot to answer for. 

Johnny Langham proceeded to un send / delete the message and block me on Facebook again. Why would he do that if he meant what he said? Unfortunately for him I screen capped the entire message before he deleted it. 


Does all this get to me? Of course it does. I have a tough skin, but this is a level well below anything anyone would expect. 

Does it effect my family? Massively. Tomlinson keeps banging on about how much is family is effected by this website etc. He seems to fail to get that I have tried 4 times now to settle things with him and all four times he has refused. So any stress caused to his family is self inflicted in my opinion. 

But being the originator of such horrendous rumours about me is low, very low. But why would I be surprised by this man for anything he says and does? I shouldn’t be. 

For more background to this Johnny Langham puppet see the post below:

Gary Tomlinson. The Puppet Master and spreader of vile rumours?

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  1. I agree Gary behind it all because it should of been resolved long ago it’s him keeping it going behind the screen just wanting it all to go away now but failed badly where he constantly put’s himself deeper in it Running in and out of Court because of his ego Then lieing on Camera those word’s will haunt him now because any olr is all about trust


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