Life’s too short to deal with assholes. I’m done with Gary Tomlinson & Family. 

Listen Here: For the last three years this horrible liar, wanna-be bully and his family have dominated my life in and out of pigeons. Life is too short to deal with assholes and especially when it comes to these horrible individuals. Upon reflection over the weekend, I’ve decided I don’t want to have to think … Read more

I’ve just been hand served more legal papers from Gary Tomlinsons solicitors!

Ive just been hand served many hundreds of papers from Gary Tomlinsons solicitors After going through it briefly Tomlinson is coming after me for this site He is seeking an injunction for the site to be removed (and my Ask Tommo Youtube video and ) He is also claiming £50,000 for harassment and damages.  Thats … Read more

Despite what Aaron Wood says this document stays online until a judge tells me it can’t

Gary Tomlinsons solicitor Mr Aaron Wood from has asked me to remove the document below. This will not happen until a judge tells me I have to remove it.    After further emails from Mr Wood today I made sure to let him know my feelings towards him and his client too: Never Back Down To … Read more

Is Aaron Wood (Gary Tomlinsons solicitor) Really Allowed To Do This?

Gary Tomlinsons solicitor message three people on Facebook a few days ago. See what he said.  Is he really allowed to do this?  And even if he is, what solicitor really messages three people on Facebook who he doesn’t know at 6:19PM? More bullying from Tomlinson by his solicitor. In his quest to limit the … Read more