Life’s too short to deal with assholes. I’m done with Gary Tomlinson & Family. 

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For the last three years this horrible liar, wanna-be bully and his family have dominated my life in and out of pigeons. Life is too short to deal with assholes and especially when it comes to these horrible individuals. Upon reflection over the weekend, I’ve decided I don’t want to have to think about this man or his family ever again. So that’s it. I’m done with them. Karma is a bitch and it’s already catching up with them. I’m sure it will finish its job over time too. Time to get these people out of my life and focus on good, positive productive things I have going on. If you want to read about what a horrible man and family the Tomlinsons are go to

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Here’s to me never having to thing about the asshole and his family again.


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