2023 Irish entries and quarantine?

We have all been told by the conman, liar and general bully boy Tomlinson that he is an official quarantine station. However, why is he not publicising his new quarantine premises are actually being used?

Why would he not announce to the world that he fetched 130 pigeons from Ireland two days ago?

Are the pigeons actually in the official quarantine station?

Does he actually have an official license? (After all, we can’t trust a word the man says and we have only ever had his word for it.. lol his word.. )

Are the pigeons in the official quarantine station (which has to be totally separate) or are they just really in the main lofts?

Were these pigeons brought from Northern Irland or Dublin?

Were these pigeons just smuggled in as they were before?

The pigeons have to be in official quarantine before they come to the UK and there are no official quarantine facilities in Ireland at the moment. So how can this be official?

Tomlinson was quick to backtrack (as usual) after he threatened all other UK OLRs that he would dob them in to authorities if they brought pigeons in as he did last year. He was even quicker to gloat that he was the only OLR in the UK to have official quarantine facilities. yet he’s not very public in showing off his official facilities and his 130 Irish entries. Why would that be?

We all know he is DESPERATE to try and fill his entries this year, he still has to advertise in the BHW pretty much weekly to try and fill his loft. If it doesn’t fill up he will of course blame it on the economic climate in the UK at the moment. But we all know the REAL reason his loft may not be full this year. People know about him and his family now and how he treats people. that will be the real reason he may not fill the loft. That and people know he is one of the dodgiest men in the pigon sport we have ever seen.

I’m sure the most transparent, open and honest man the sport has ever known will fully explain the Irish entries situation in no time. Let’s wait and see ehh.


Apparently, Tomlinson didn’t mention a single word about the Irish pigeons coming in on his “show” on Monday night..

Why wouldn’t he say anything? If the pigeons had come in legitimately via the official quarantine station he has surely he would be shouting it from the roof tops as he normally does in his own little way?.

Maybe, it’s because they were just smuggled in as they were last year and entered no quarantine in Ireland or in the UK?

He’s still advertising in the pigeon magazines Which shows he is desperate to fill his race. This is from a man who says he usually fills up by November. It’s the cost of living you know… Or maybe, just maybe the last three years of lies, bullying and bullshit have taken their toll on the most “open, honest and transparent family in the UK pigeon sport”.

“Tell em only what they need to know” ehh…

People are waking up to who the Tomlinsons are REALLY like.

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