Gary Tomlinson, Who Dares I Win International? One Loft Race Finale

Watch the video below: Read the entire chat history between JJ Shoeman and I on WhatsApp here Watch the full video of Tomlinson here on Facebook. If it gets removed you can watch it here   Read the entire book I wrote about my life up until 2013 here (for free)   Here’s a line: —————————————————————————————— And its drawn.  My … Read more

Johnny Langham, Gary Tomlinsons follower and spreader of vile, horrible and disgusting rumours messaged me at 1:40AM on Facebook. He then removed the message and blocked me again. I am taking this very seriously.

At 1:40AM over the weekend I got a message from Johnny Langham. A very worrying and stressful message:  Some people may question why I would even publish such a horrible and vile message with hints of accusations like this. Well, like I have said before. I have nothing to hide.  Johnny Langham is a self … Read more