Bob Bendy. AKA Gary Tomlinson?

Another apparent Tomlinson support popped his head up last week. Enter Bob Bendy.

No profile picture but seem to know a lot about the situation between Tomlinsons and I.

He had a lot to say on the issue:

It turns out it was probably another fake profile made by Gary Tomlinsons himself… 


Update.... Bob Bendy apparently is Annette Tomlinson....

According to a comment on this post Bob Bendy is actually Annette Tomlinson…. 

Still as pathetic …..

1 thought on “Bob Bendy. AKA Gary Tomlinson?”

  1. Sorry mark you are wrong bendy Bob is not Gary it is Annette Gary has nothing to do with my own account on Facebook
    And I thought I would use the name of my dog bendy Bob
    It’s not a secret and lots of people on Facebook use different names
    So to be absolutely clear bendy Bob is ANNETTE ok ?


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