Does Tomlinson Really Think People Are That Stupid? More Questions Competitors Need To Ask About The “Postponed Final”

Around 1pm on the 15th September Tomlinson did this brief video explaining why the final of the race was postponed and will not be happened this weekend. Watch the video here: 

I’m sure all the competitors in the race who are lucky enough to have pigeons in the final race have many questions, let alone all the people who have booked hotels, flights etc to be there. 

So the reason given for the race being postponed was that the car broke down! If for one minute we can beleive a word the man says, surely you would do everything you had to do to make sure those pigeons got to France!?!

Anyway, here are some questions competitors need to be asking Tomlinson:

If you were going to miss the ferry, couldn’t you just go on the next one? We know ferries cross the channel very regularly.  If there were no ferries available, why not just use the Channel Tunnel?

Why couldn’t you just send another car down to pick up the trailer and carry on the journey?

If no other car was available couln’t you have just hired a van to take them down?

So they are some basic simple questions that need to be asked.

But as always with Tomlinson there are some more questions that people should be asking.

In public I see no one asking questions or sounding their displeasure at the explanations given, however in private I see plenty of people saying this is total B.S. 

However, I realise why people in public or competitors in the race may not want to express their negativity or concerns. They are scared of reprisals and the potential consequences.  So I’ll state and ask the elephant in the room questions to save anyone else any hassle. 

Why is he offering refund of pools money if the race is just postponed?

Why is there no basketing list of pigeons going to the final race on Benzing Live?

Why was there no live video basketing of the pigeons being marked and loaded for the final race?

Why is there no basketing list of pigeons going to the final race on Benzing Live?

We all know Tomlinson takes great pride in videoing the pigeons for the final and making sure people see “independant race markers” overseeing the final race marking. Why was there no video of this before the “problem with the car?” Also no final race basketing list appeared on Benzing live, which it would normal do. 

So there you go, yet another list of things this man needs to be asked. 

My person thoughts and questions on this B.S Video

I sadly think, once again the man is lying through his teeth to everyone. Nothing adds up. No live basketing list, no live video, him making a point of saying everything was fine with the paperwork and thanks people who made getting them to France happen. I think its all lies. Also if you notice the man can’t look straight at the camera to people he is telling this too. A classic case of telling lies. 

I personally think he and team Tommo had far bigger problems happen in the 12 hours prior to doing that video than just their car breaking down. Maybe the vet asked to see the official quaranntine papers of all the foreign birds before they went back out to Europe? Maybe APHA / DEFRA finally caught up with him? Maybe there was just issues with the paper work? after all he has not done this before after we are no longer in Europe. Either way, I think he’s telling a pack of lies. And I feel very sorry for the unfortunate people who have entrusted this man and his family to run this race and make sure their birds get to the final. 

Like I say, if it was just an issue of the car breaking down you would do anything you had to do to get those pigeons to France to the final race as planned and as many people were expecting to see. 

Let’s see what happens, let’s see what crap he comes out with next.

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