Questions to ask Tomlinson aka “Tommo” aka the most open, honest and transparent man in One Loft Racing?

We all know Tomlinson is the self proclaimed most open, honest and transparent man in One Loft Racing, so with that in mind and after some recent announcements from “The Master”  I’m sure this years competitors and any prospective ones in next years race will be asking some questions..

This is a video clip of him announcing the changes for 2024:

So the big news is. there will be no reserve pigeons next year… And there will be no teams. It will be simply £150 per pigeon. And, he “hopes” there will be no venture pigeons in 2024. 

Now let’s look at that a bit. He said there would be not venture pigeons this year, but there was over 80, some none GB pigeons too and all being sold at £250 per pigeon… A bargain of a deal… 

The reserve pigeon system was his way of trying to give people a chance.. Well, it turns out it too much hassle and why would he bother? Instead get £150 per pigeon and KNOW you have been paid upfront with out all the hassle.. Makes sense right?

The maximum amount allowed in 2024 will be 2,000 pigeons. i.e £300,000 total income IF he fills the loft. 

That’s a tall order, consdering he only got 1807 pigeons this year and condiering approx 450 of those were reserve pigeons in REAL terms he was way down on paying entrants this year. He was 79 teams down and in real terms it was like having 1357 fully paid up pigeon entered when you take off the reserve pigeons in. (And over 80 of them were venture pigeons)  Of course there is no way of knowing how many reserve pigeons ended up being paid for. But either way his numbers in REAL terms were way down. Why would that be you may ask? 

Well one of the reasons why he may struggle  to fill next year with 2000 pigeons and he struggled this year are competitors opinions like this:

Joe is a first time competitors, paid to activate two of his reserve pigeons and as of him writing had no going to the final. (He did get one back later though. ) However Tomlinson picked up on his post (we all know how he hates any critisism) and in a live video yesterday offered to pull the pigeon out the race if Joe didn’t want it going to the final. Now, of course all know how pigeons can get lost, but Joe hasn’t had a great experience in his first time in WDW… This and Tomlinsons reaction to him are the very reason he will struggle to fill next year with 2000 pigeons. 

And if he does manage to fill the lofts with 2000 pigeons let’s not forget those pigeons have the least space in any loft when on darkness and locked in the loft than any other UK based OLR. They have just 0.75 square foot each when they are locked away and not in the aviaries. Not a great start for the pigeons is it?

Of course once the final is finished next week which at the moment looks like it will have around 470 pigeons going to it which is 26% of the original starting 1807 Tomlinsons immediate focus will turn to getting these pigeons auctioned off and then on to the “Winter Race” Incidentally the winter race is open to just 600 pigeons at £150 each. If he fills the winter race spots the gross amount he will be left with after he pays out prize money will be exactly the amount of money he is down in lack of entries to the summer 2023 race. Funny that ehh… ? 

The other major quesiton mark as to how he is going to fill 2024 race is how is he going to do it when he doesn’t have official quarantine facilities as he falsely claimed earlier this year, meaning he can’t legally import pigeons from outside the UK. How is going to handle that? Surely even Tomlinson can’t be stupid enough to think the DEFRA/APHA are not going to be watching him like a hawk moving forward? 

The real Tommo came out a few days ago, the bombastic, dictator like bully we all know and love, the man who hates any one who questions his fine upstanding nature came out.. Watch this… Don’t we all just love him?!? 🙂 

Let's get down to the questions EVERYONE should be asking right now...

These are the questions competitors and potential competitors should be asking Tommo right now: 

1. Is the prize money for 2024 guaranteed? (Although he says it was always guaranteed in 2023, he never used the word guaranteed until many months into his efforts when he knew there was enough entries to pay the prize money. ) So competitors need to ask if the prize money for 2024 is guaranteed from day one of entries being open. Or is it based on how many birds they have entered?

2. Will non UK pigeons be allowed into the race next year? What is the situation with the offical quarantine station he said he had earlier this year?

3. Will Rob. AKA Pigeon master junior be disclosing if he is bidding on pigeons in the final auction? and if he is bidding on pigeons (while undoubtedly knowing the max bid of others) will be be using his real name or a false name like his Dad did when he brought Mick (“The best ever OLR pigeon in the world”)

4. Can competitors get live coverage of the final from France? Has anyone ever seen this actually be covered as a live broadcast? Can undeniable proof be given the pigeons actually fly from the final in Falaise?

These are the questions to ask. We know the man has lied many many times in the past but we also know he insists he is the model of a totally open, honest and transparent pigeon master.. So I’m sure he will only be too pleased to address these questions to anyone who asks him them. 

By now, you all know my thoughts about this man and his family. They are the lowest of the low in my humble opinion. That said, there are some very good one loft races in the UK that operate and I wouldn’t want to tarnish the names of them by including them on this site. Some of these OLRs were mentioned in comments on Joe Wards post above. 

So, thats about it for now. Let’s see how long it takes for these question to get asked and answered. 

In the meantime I’m looking forward to 22nd September. A day when i finally get to see Tomlinson in court and a trial happen, where hopefully we can finish one issue of him claiming I was never entitled to any money from the sale of his DVD I produced. We have this one, which I’m sure he is very nervous about after seeing all the evidence we have submitted to the courts, then we have the small issue of the claim for the 7 birds he never gave my son, a preliminary hearing is scheduled to happen on the 2nd October for that. 

Let’s see how it all goes. Rest assured, good or bad I will be letting everyone know about it all here. 

Keep smiling everyone. 😉 

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