Tomlinson is telling total lies to the courts now!

By now, thanks to this website, most of the pigeon world know all about Gary Tomlinson and the Tomlinson family and how they are. Liars, bullies, cheats, conmen, and all round people you don’t want to be associated with. Over the last three years Gary Tomlinson has proven what a horrible individual he is despite describing himself as the most open, honest and transparent man int he pigeon sport. However, we all know different and the self proclamation is another big lie. 

He has already stooped pretty low in his lies, but now he has taken his lying to a whole other level. (More about that shortly.) In the meantime, let’s remind ourselves off all the lies, bullying and bullshit this man and his family have said and done:

My car was set on fire 70 minutes after this call  – After a hearted initial exchange on the phone my car was set on fire. No proof who it was but…. 

Robert Tomlinson pleads guilty to assault by beating – After attempting to pick up 7 pigeons for my 16 year old son Robert Tomlinson gets arrested and found guilty of assault by beating.


Tommo Bidding on and winning birds. – Tommo sees nothing wrong with bidding on pigeons in his own race despite knowing the top bids of others. 

Calls the police many times himself – He loves playing the victim when others calls him out and expose his lies. Relies on the police to try and bully and intimidate. 

Lies about entries – Makes it up as he goes along about entries into his race. 


Uses fake names to bid on his own pigeons – Tommo sees fit to use fake names while bidding on his own auction pigeons on his own auction platform. 


Changes the entries to the race as he wantsPeople enter being told there is a maximum of 1500 pigeons in the race.. Tommo gets greedy and wants more money and there ends up being over 1800 in the race that year. 


Not in the race? You’re not entitled to an opinion – If you are not in his race you have no right to an opinion.


Deletes posts all the time – He loves deleting posts that make him look even worse or prove his lies. 

Thinks Blackpool hotels are full of refugeesReally, yes, he actually said this. 

Makes a loss ‘on paper” every year – Says his race is the most successful and rich in the UK but companies house records show very different story. 


Uses his little army of local cult followers to spread vile rumours – He has an equally vile and ultra loyal small group of followers spanning the UK and Ireland. They are his vile rumours spreaders. 


Offers someone £2000 to fire a car – Insists he didn’t, but we all know different. 

Then lies about ever meeting the guy – Even though he was caught on camera with the guy still denies ever meeting the guy.


Then Jnr / amateur Rob Tomlinsons says he can get a car set on fire for £50 – Yes, Tommo Jnr is that thick. He doesn’t see anything wrong with admitting this on social media. 


MASSIVE LIE - Totally lies about Lee and Ian Sullivan and the British Masters OLR and taking any money from them!

When the lies and bullying don’t go well plays the victims card – Lies, bullying and bullshit not going well? It’s time to play the victim card…

Tomlinson Family regularly use fake FB profiles – The family love a fake profile or two. 

Lies about the amount of pigeons in 2023 race that had to be culled – Was it 80 or 280? He said both figures on two different live videos. Participants never told their birds had to be culled. 

Makes up his own rules about what a two bird average is – When is a two birds average not a two birds AVERAGE? When Tommo says its not!

Offers to pay Garrett Henesy £2,000 – Publicly says the ‘winner of the two birds average’ will still get paid out £2,000.. Garrett doesnt get paid. 

Offers at least three difference people to beat me up in front of my son at pigeon shows – I have spoken to three different people who all tell me the same. Tommo offered them cash to beat me up in front of my son at two different pigeon shows… Classy our Tommo is..

Threatens Maurice Odennell with ‘blowing him up” – Because Maurice is a good friend and chose to speak out against Tommo, Maurice inevitably got ‘the call’ various calls actually from multiple people. One of which was Tommo threatening to ‘blow him up’ Oh the irony. An English ‘man’ threatnening to blow an Irish man up…. 

Has some of the worst OLR stats in the UK , losses 800 birds in one hotspot – Blames perigrine falcons for losing 800 pigeons in one race.

Lies and tells people he “won’ against me – He dropped all cases against me, yet publicly  lies by telling everyone he “won”, what ever makes him feel better I guess. 


And... The Biggest Lie Of ALL? Lies about having an official quarantine station.

Tells everyone, participants, other OLRs and public he is the first OLR to have an official quarantine station. Guess what, Total lie. A lie which he has not yet addressed. Just when you think the lies can’t get much bigger? Well wait. 

Tomlinson has taken lying to a whole new level now. 

Now he has chosen to lie to a judge and court!

Yes, he now has declared and signed that I never owned 50% of the rights or profits from the physical DVD I produced for him. A matter which the trial for is on the 22nd September 2023.  You can read the entire sorry document and chain of lies here of click on the image below: 

The trouble with being a compulsive liar is that you need to have a VERY GOOD MEMORY. And unfortunately for Tommo he forgets half the things he has ever written or said about things. Thing that the court will see and prove he is lying and he owes me for the DVDs. 

The other court case regarding the 7 pigeons he owes me for is set for an initial hearing on the 2nd October. We are yet to see what lies and bullshit he comes up with for that one. 

Needless to say Im still looking forward to getting these two cases done with so I never have to think, see or listen to the “man” ever again.  In the meantime let’s see how he spins losing over 1000 out of 1800 in 2023 already and he is only on Hotspot 2 race.. 

Karma. Bad things happen to bad people… Tommo doesn’t get this. He will one day.. 


5 thoughts on “Tomlinson is telling total lies to the courts now!”

  1. Oh marky boy you really are a cockroach you’re like a parasite that won’t go away everybody is a liar except mark the truth Lyford never ever tells lies yet if anyone wants to do a bit of homework it’s not hard easily found on the internet a lot of people calling him from a pig to a dog demanding the hundreds of thousands of pounds back that they say he has conned them out of with his crypto antics fact the self acclaimed entrepreneur has gone bankrupt twice so they say🤷🏻‍♂️took numerous people to the rpra and court and never won a case yet fact I should know he took me and lost 11-0🤪🖕🏼🤬
    He’s so full of shit it’s unreal he used to run porn sites the kind of thing teenagers are now becoming violent and takeing there lives which has been well documented in the press reacently fact the man should write a book really ahh that’s right he did I bought it off eBay for £2 and read it which to me in mvho clearly makes him look a nonse and a peado a reference to young girls wearing braces which he claims was one of the reasons he was making millions 🤷🏻‍♂️but he claims that when he was out in the good old USA everyone called ladies girls he quoted me a motley crew song girls girls girls to try to justify his writings
    Marky boy the song was girls girls girls
    but it wasn’t girls with braces on
    every one unless they are completely stupid knows the average age of girls that wear braces is 13- 14 it’s not rocket science marky karma his great leveller and I’m sure your gunner get yours soon 😏now I have to go and help out my predator catches catch filthy peados
    and this is where I leave you
    Ya filthy dirty lieing bastard all the best
    Your number one fan Jonny😘🖕🏼

    • Jonny, I love you. Your loyalty to your mate is admirable and very heartwarming. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Much love Jonny, Keep happy, be lucky, Love, Marky x

    • Sorry Maurice I’m not the one sticking up for a porn loving peado like yourself I have standards and will not faulter as I want parasites like that to sease to exist I’m sure you will agree it’s the right thing to do as for Gary and his family they are friends for life unlike your low life friend I have no problem with you don’t know you never met ya never spoke to you before probably never will after today my grudge is with the nonse not you now do ya homework it’s not hard in fact it’s very easy even for a simple Irish ☘️ man like yaself me and you no problem unless you want one me and marky boy have many problems that need to be addressed asap please don’t let the man drag you into his seedy life your better than that I’m sure so let’s just agree to disagree 😉

  2. When you’re my friend it’s for life until you shit on me that warm fuzzy feeling cherish it while you can after all it will end sooner rather then later I promise my little nonse peado friend after it’s gone comes the pain
    there is two kinds of fuzzy feelings one is warm the other is very cold almost life threateningly cold it’s like your looking for your last breath you try your hardest to breathe but someone as restricted your capacity to breath so they say in fact you feel like life’s about to end and the only way to get it back is to tell the truth but you can’t because you’ve got to much to lose I’ve been asked to join a fancy pigeon club in derby but unfortunately I don’t have the time as I spend most of it looking for predators that abuse and hurt children so I had to decline unfortunately as the predator chasing is more important I like to torture them slowly till they squeal I imagine it won’t be long before you are tied to the chair begging the likes of me to stop but unfortunately for you I never stop till it’s over I guess that’s why we don’t see eye to eye lover 😉😂


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