Tommo still spouting lies, playing the victim and trying to be the bully.

So “Tommo” is at it again. If you look at this post you think he is ACTUALLY a victim:

But we all know Tommo and nothing is as it seems. Indeed this came to light when the man in question Stephen Mcloughlin contact me saying he has a recording of a conversation he recorded while calling Tommo. This is the recording with NO edits: 

So as you can hear. Garys version of events are far from how things actually happened. Indeed he tried to play the victim again. It could be argued that this man indirectly made some sort of threat by commenting how big Garys property was, but only after you heard Gary threatening him directly to come up to his house and ‘sort it like a man.”

Gary went further in his own group discussing the matter with his loyal fans and followers. He said: 

So he said there are no threats.. He “promises he will knock the living daylights out of him, he wont be able to type for a few months. “

Typical of Gary, violent threats and bullying tactics. 

Remeber, all this man asked was if he could come on his show and ask him some questions about his race.. This is the reaction he gets. Anyone saying anything slightly negative about him, his family or his race can get the same treatment. As I know. 

The discussion went on further on the pigeon chat facebook group:

This post was removed overnight. I’m not sure if Tommo removed it after I posted the audio of him threatening the guy and seeing his lies had been uncovered again, or the admins of the group removed it. Either way, unlike Gary I never say or write anything I don’t mean, so it’s there for everyone to see what was said. Gary shortly blocked me on Facebook. I’m sad that I’m not going to see any more of his lies and bullshit…. 🙁 

And wait... There's MORE! Gary no longer owns the Who Dares Wins Race!

On the same day this was all going on he sold his shared in Who Dares Win (Alfreton) Ltd to his son Rob Tomlinson. As you can see here

Whats going on I hear you ask? Well, I have been he confirmed on his show last night night that Rob Tomlinson (The same guy who got a conviction for assault against my brother when we went to fetch some pigeons Tommo owed my son) is now the new owner of WDW!

And Tommo went on to say this on his ‘show’ last night:

No call me cynical but it couldn’t be that Tommo was shown the new evidence and my revised counter claim against him two days before this sale was done and he is now saying he doesn’t own the pigeon in his stud or now own the WDW race? He couldn’t be that stupid could he? I’m sure being the totally transparent man he is he will inform his solicitor Aaron Wood of what is really going on. 

Just for total transparency on my part this is the transcript of the video Tommo made a few weeks ago:


So maybe I am a cynic. I think his solicitor has showed him this evidence. And now Tommo is SURE he is going to lose my counter claim..

After all, Tommo showed the ‘evidence’ that he paid me by showing that my pigeons were in his race. Then just four minutes later admitted he taking the pigeons out of the race. Thereby breaking the agreement and NOT paying me in any way. So now Tommo thinks he can get away from paying any court judgement he gets against him… 

I have had conversations with his solicitor Aaron Wood about this issue and he is ‘speaking to his client about it”

Of course Tommo still has his supporters.

I have been amazed by the amount of people over the last few weeks have contacted me after this all happened and given me their support, some people who publicly didn’t even like me in the past and said very negative things about me now have reached out to me and said after seeing all of the above they now see who the real con man and bully is. 

But, of course he still has his hardcore sheep / supports … They still support him no matter what. 

Nice to see Jonny Langham (the man who isn’t Tommos friend according to them both) Im waiting for the RPRA appeal with him in October. 

As you will see Tommo has some really “nice” loving supporters… Not.. 

Whats interesting is that Tommo thinks anyone who dares speak out against him and his crap must be working with me… Lol. He doesn’t think people may be tired of him losing 800 pigeons from 60 miles, tired of taking in 350 pigeon more than he said he would this year (Another £50,000 though ehh, these solicitors bills don’t pay themselves you know!)

Like I said in the group chat I never spoken to of even know Stephen before this. Yes, I know Maurice O donnell and view him as a friend. Speaking of Maurice, he is world renowned in the OLR sport. Maurice said he would never enter his race two years ago after he heard of what Tommo had done to me and being a man of his word he has stuck to it. Maurice (of his own volition decent enough was enough and decided to write about it. Here it is:


Maurice Odonnell had a threatening phone call just last night form one of Tommos people..

Maurice told me just now that he had a phone call at 1 AM this morning threatening him. This is how bullying Tommo and his “friends” are.

So there you have it. If you have got this far apologies for the long post, but once again this man need showing for what he really is. He lost 800 pigeons from 60 miles (out of 1377) and now people are commenting about it he hate it and will do whatever he can to decry people and shut them up. Fortunately Stephen had the foresight to record the call because with out that Tommo would just play the victim and twist the truth, when in fact he was doing what he normally does… Trying to bully people. 

He and his solicitor have 10 days to respond to my counter claim and new evidence. Let’s see how they try and spin that one.. I’m sure it will be laughable. 

I look forward to the day when I win my case against him to pay me what he owes me and I can never have to think or talk about this man and his terrible family again. Even if I win, will he ever pay me? I’m not sure as he is doing everything he can to not own anything now. Still, this has never just been about the money for me. It’s more important for me to show that i was telling the truth all along, he never paid me for all the work done and him taking the British Masters to court for a leaflet he claimed copyright on was ridiculous, as he never paid me in the first place for the work. Don’t get me wrong I will pursue he and his family for the money , but winning this case is more important, while continuing to show the world of pigeons what this man and his family are really like. I know that more people now know about what he is really like. Let’s see what surprises his son has. As you will see from this website if you have looked at any of the posts about Rob Tomlinson, he is just as unpleasant as his Dad. 

Unless anything else happens I don’t plan to update this site until more happens with the counter claim. We will see. 

And yes. Karma still is a bitch. As Tommo is finding out to his cost now.


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