Review of the Questions to ask Tomlinson and any answers “Tommo” may have answered about the 2024 Who Dares I Win Race.

Further to the questions I urged people contemplating enter Tomlinsons Who Dares I Win race in 2024 to ask a few weeks ago. I thought it of value to people who don’t keep up to date with the master of bullshits posts to review what he has said and hasn’t said about the questions. 

Let’s review what people have been told by the master of openness, honesty, integrity and honesty: 

There will be no reserve pigeons next year… And there will be no teams. It will be simply £150 per pigeon. And, he “hopes” there will be no venture pigeons in 2024. (Nothing has changed here.)

Let's get down to the questions EVERYONE should be asking right now... (and any he has answered)

These are the questions competitors and potential competitors should be asking Tommo right now: 


1. Is the prize money for 2024 guaranteed? (Although he says it was always guaranteed in 2023, he never used the word guaranteed until many months into his efforts when he knew there was enough entries to pay the prize money. ) So competitors need to ask if the prize money for 2024 is guaranteed from day one of entries being open. Or is it based on how many birds they have entered?


So there you have it… The prize money isn’t guaranteed from day one like he lied about last year and bullshitted everyone about only after he had enough entries to “guarantee” the prize money. 

So in 2024 the prize money of £100,000 is “guaranteed” if they receive 1800 entires at £150 each… Hang on a cotton pickin minute…. Lets to the maths on that… 

1800 pigeons @ £150 each… = £270,000 gross income… And he’s guaranteeing £100,000. That’s £25,000 less than he “guaranteed in 2023?!?) How does that work? He keeps a before tax (lol) and expenses £170,000. He keeps 62.96% and only pays out 37% in prizes? Hmm..

I’m sure if he is lucky enough to sell all 2000 entries he will give the extra £30,000 to the prize pot. But even so , thats still only around the same as he paid out this year with 1804 entries… Times are tough for the most honest, open, and transparent man in the sport it seems. Let’s hope he fills his winter race to top up the profits he is down on from 2023 summer race. 

Either way, we now know the answer to the question. The prize money IS NOT guaranteed from day one… OK. Let’s move on. 

2. Will non UK pigeons be allowed into the race next year? What is the situation with the official quarantine station he said he had earlier this year? 


3. Will Rob. AKA Pigeon master junior be disclosing if he is bidding on pigeons in the final auction? and if he is bidding on pigeons (while undoubtedly knowing the max bid of others) will be be using his real name or a false name like his Dad did when he brought Mick (“The best ever OLR pigeon in the world”)


4. Can competitors get live coverage of the final from France? Has anyone ever seen this actually be covered as a live broadcast? Can undeniable proof be given the pigeons actually fly from the final in Falaise?

(THIS QUESTION IS KIND OF ANSWERED. Apparantley the live liberation of the race was done in Tommos secret cult FB group. So who knows.. Why not shared out publicly though?)


So 1 1/2 our of 4 questions answered. Not great for the most honest man in the sport. But, Tommo is his man and the master of his own future, so let’s see. 

Keep Smiling Everyone 🙂 

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